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The Cabincore starter pack

Coined as Cottagecore’s fall counterpart, discover the newest subculture's essential product trends that you can promote now and into 2022.
The Cabincore starter pack | EDITED

Rooted in hygge, the Cabincore aesthetic romanticizes cozy rural life and the outdoors.

The rustic subculture - coined as Cottagecore's fall counterpart - provides a plethora of promotional and product opportunities for apparel and homeware. Backed by retail data, we unearth the essentials behind the trend. Get in touch to see EDITED in action and learn how to tap into this emerging profile with the world’s largest retail data source. 

EDITED's key takeaways

  • Apparel that represents this theme is rooted in winter deliveries - for retailers that receive holiday shipments into 2022, reposition and pivot products into this story.
  • Cabincore is the laid-back subculture to Gorpcore, with soft fabrics, comfy silhouettes and practical accessories at the fore. This offers an accessible route into the outdoors market for retailers likely already invested in these trends.
  • Essential products that span women's and men's wear include Fair Isle sweaters, hiking boots, flannel shackets and PJs, fluffy slippers, fleeces and beanies.
  • Holding commercial scope for homeware assortments, scented candles, textured throws and distressed wood are core components - consider merchandising into a Cabincore landing page, as noted at Wayfair.
  • The narrative is prime to build into adventure-themed and cozy-inspired gifting edits. Heading into warmer months, push lightweight products - including shirts, cargo trousers and jersey basics, as key layering pieces.

Why it's important

It's an extension of Gorpcore The outdoors market remains a significant opportunity for investment as consumers continue to seek escapism from lockdowns. Defining characteristics of Gorpcore include performance fabrics and functional outdoor gear. However, this fall, Cabincore has emerged as a spin-off story for consumers looking to explore the open-air with a more casual approach - soft fabrics, cozy silhouettes and basics are at the root of this subculture, allowing more retailers to get on board. cabincore Cotswold Outdoor Email UK - Oct 23, 2021 Holiday stock can be repositioned into this theme Troubles within supply chains pose a threat through 2022, with 98% of retail executives stating they are experiencing shipping delays and expect supply chain issues to last through next year. If your winter deliveries are postponed into 2022, consider repositioning holiday capsules into the Cabincore story, which has mileage through to early spring - Fair Isle sweaters, hiking boots, puffer coats and beanies are at the core of the theme for men's and women's wear. cabincore

Arc'Teryx Email US - Oct 15, 2021

Colors The color story for this theme is rooted in earth tones, from mulch browns to moss greens. Fall-leaning colors like burgundy and midnight blue are standard secondary colors, while mustard yellows add a touch of contrast to brighten up assortments. Print & fabric Plaids are undeniably the defining pattern of this subculture across menswear and womenswear. With rich greens and blue most popular, this pattern is applied to outerwear and knitwear. Wool and cashmere offer softness, while denim and corduroy add a textured element.

Oversized turtleneck

This product anchors Cabincore assortments, exuding the soft and cozy aesthetic that defines the subculture. Retailers have landed a variety of silhouettes, from sleeveless designs at Monki to balloon sleeves at Bershka. Wool and cashmere-blends are successful styles at Zara and Monki in core colors.

Ribbed leggings

This loungewear staple has infiltrated this theme, often paired with chunky knits and oversized outerwear on Pinterest mood boards and retailers' Instagram. For trend-forward customers, promote stirrup detailing - Mango and Zara included the term "fuseau" in the product name.

Wide-leg denim Currently a popular silhouette in the market, wide-leg and flared fits make up 17% of the denim offering, thanks to newness brought in by Zara in both regions. Dark washes complement the earth tone color story of this aesthetic. Fair Isle A knit technique commonly associated with the festive season, Fair Isle patterning dominates Cabincore sweaters with cream grounds and rich colors favored. For newness, explore applying Fair Isle-inspired prints to T-shirts and dresses. cabincore cabincore cabincore cabincore

Monki, Mango, Pull&Bear, Fat Face

Flannel shacket

American Eagle included "cabin" in product titles, further emphasizing the importance of this style within the subculture. 62% of shacket arrivals are plain with midnight blues and hunter greens dominating, while plaid is the only pattern available. Upper and lower pockets, hoods and sherpa lining are popular details.

Corduroy pants Corduroy is trickling into the market. This textured pant has a rugged look with a soft touch, giving it outdoor appeal and comfort. Dark browns make up 19% of the corduroy trouser collection. Mango has taken the utility route, designing corduroy cargos, while slim fits are favored across retailers. Cable knit sweater This style is starting to hit the shelves as we head into colder months, so it's not too late to land your collection. A variety of turtlenecks and crewnecks, from wool to cashmere, have landed at EXPRESS and H&M. Be sure to layer brights into this capsule as a contrast to dark trousers and outerwear. Down jacket To help customers brave the elements, market puffer jackets and vests. Be inspired by how Uniqlo and Banana Republic landed refreshing neutral and sunshine shades, highlighting any sustainable features of these key outerwear pieces to engage consumers. cabincore cabincore cabincore cabincore

American Eagle, Uniqlo, Bershka, Zara

Footwear & accessories

Hiking & rain boots

Push chunky treaded hiking and Wellington-inspired designs toward trend-driven consumers and target premium functional details to the adventurer. Hiking references remain dominant in the sandals category for SS22, cementing the longevity of outdoor influences in shoe ranges.

Furry slippers Textured slippers are a quintessential cozy staple within the aesthetic. The subcategory currently boasts a low discounting rate of just 4% - this compares to 23% of all footwear. Cult brand UGG landed a new chunky mule model in September, which has already gained viral attention. Beanie hats Leverage the cold-weather essential as an add-on item in nature-themed edits. Utilize outdoors-related terms in product descriptions to capture demand. Madewell partnered with Parks Project on a beanie line, helping to support the future conservation of public lands. Blanket scarves

Oversized scarves are another key layering item. Checks are an unwavering pattern, comprising 22% of women's and 25% of men's fall intake. Across womenswear, soft, muted tones are notable, emphasizing creams and greys. In menswear, navies and browns hold a higher share of the mix.

cabincore cabincore cabincorecabincore

Marks & Spencer, NA-KD, adidas, boohoo



Trickling down from apparel, plaids are also a core component in homeware. Offering customers an easy buy-in to the theme, check-patterned bedding is currently stocked by lifestyle retailers Zara, SHEIN and I Saw It First. Wayfair features a tartan headboard within its Cabincore style landing page.

Distressed & rustic wood Higher-ticket lines such as framed wall mirrors, coffee tables and shelves in distressed wood provide a rustic decor appearance that embodies the narrative. Feature alongside greenery in promotions and product imagery to enhance the nature-inspired aesthetic. Scented candles This product line is an opportune entry route into the trend for retailers. Ripe for festive gifting edits, pine, birch and fireside-inspired scents help to build the story. Next, Matalan and Madewell all currently stock candles that explicitly mention "Cabin" in product descriptions. Texture play

Market faux fur cushion covers, throws/blankets and rugs to customers wanting to emulate the cozy side of the story and bring comfort outdoors. Also suited to the spring season, jute and sisal rugs convey the minimalist element of the trend, rooted in core hues of wheat and sand.

cabincore cabincore cabincore 

SHEIN, Wayfair, Next

How to promote

For now - gifting edits & cozy weekends away

A number of trends within the subculture are prime to incorporate into gifting edits for the peak festive season, and for various target audiences. Styles suitable for the adventurous consumer include backpacks, beanies, hiking boots and puffer jackets. Contrastingly, promote the comfort side of the theme via fluffy slippers, ribbed leggings and Fair Isle sweaters and sleepwear. Drum up further interest by providing outfit inspiration for cozy weekends away, as noted at Beyond Yoga and Urban Outfitters.

Urban Outfitters Email US - Oct 19, 2021-1

Beyond Yoga & Urban Outfitters

For SS22 - light layers & nature-inspired colors & prints

There are plenty of commercial opportunities to promote Cabincore into the spring season. Show the versatility of lightweight lines by pushing as essential layering pieces for hiking trips - as demonstrated in SKIMS' Outdoors Basics collection this year. Rooted in inspiration from nature, weave green tones and mushroom motifs that demonstrated longevity on the SS22 runway into campaigns. Consider partnering with and supporting conservation initiatives, as The North Face does through its Explore Fund. Ensure inclusive products are clearly communicated, ranging from plus-size casual outdoors lines to adaptive functional outdoorwear.

Revolve Email US - Mar 29, 2021Banana Republic Email UK - Jul 16, 2021

Revolve & Banana Republic

Contributions by Katharine Carter and Avery.

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