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EDITED Messaging

Validate decisions with retail promotion management software

With EDITED Messaging, analyze promotional activity, marketing messaging, product adjacency, and campaigns featured across competitor email communication and retailers’ ecommerce sites. Our archive allows users to view current and historical homepages, category landing pages, and emails. Perfectly time product launches and promotions ahead of your competitors. Tell the right story and capture the right audience.

EDITED Messaging product - retail promotion management software
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Why EDITED Messaging

Track, identify, and measure historical and current promotional strategies across the entire market

Understand how competitors position their products and the most common terminology used

Analyze competitor campaign archives to understand the promotional activity of the wider market

See how and when holidays, products, seasons, or trends are communicated across time and regions

Track, identify, and measure historical and current communication strategies across the entire market

How EDITED Helps

EDITED messaging - retail promotion management software EDITED Messaging - retail promotion management software

Visual archive of competitor communications

In EDITED Messaging, you can visualize competitor communications across keywords/phrases, time periods, channels, categories, and more. Here, mentions of "summer" on competitor homepages and email comms are displayed so you can understand when players in your market start messaging around their summer assortments. The heatmap tool allows you to quickly identify when most of these communications are taking place.

Ability to track discounts and promotions

EDITED Messaging can also show you the frequency of discount levels at different time periods, across the market, broken down by a % discount amount. This information helps you understand when key players are running promotions and how much they are discounting assortments or products.

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“Without EDITED Messaging, we would have to go into our email to see competitor newsletters or promotions, search for each competitor, take screenshots, and then go through every one manually. We also would not have the opportunity to look at historical home pages or understand changes over time in just seconds.”

Anja Ulwer

Market & Category Consulting at bonprix

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Start operationalizing intelligence in your retail business today.