React to competitive price and stock adjustments in real time and unlock geographic pricing and assortment decisions, price automation capabilities, and replenishment actions. EDITED Match allows users to find exact or similar product matches across a pre-defined custom product set.

Why EDITED Match

Accurate product matching through a blend of AI and human-in-the-loop processing

EDITED Match uses information collected through our trackers (i.e. images, name, description, brand, and color) to match products. Users are able to approve and reject the matches based on their own criteria and what they want to compare against.

  • View assortment overlap 
  • Determine how products have been successfully marketed or mispositioned 
  • Analyze if entering a new market would be beneficial  
  • See if competitor assortment strategies have an impact on your performance
  • Identify all exact and similar instances of a subset of products in our database

Product Matching

“Before EDITED, we needed at least two to three hours to perform manual scraping of each competitor’s website to gather pricing and discounting activity. Using EDITED, we have saved multiple hours per country.”

– Sergio Domenech, Pricing Markup Analytics at MANGO