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How selfie taking has influenced fashion

If eyes are the mirror to the soul, selfies are the mirrors to consumer wardrobes. We take a look at the way selfie-sport has impacted fashion trends.

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  • Trend
  • 10th Aug 2017
Don’t Tell Men, the Bomber Jacket’s Dead

It’s a trend with five years of retail success. How much longer can the bomber jacket stay on top? And what’s next if it does fade? We investigate the retailers who fared best and who will be in the firing line when the trend moves on.

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Has the best back-to-school business already happened?

Who’s excited for the new term? Retailers! This year’s back-to-school is expected to grow anywhere from 3-10%. We check in on progress so far.

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Six things you need to know about the ASOS strategy

What makes a winner in retail? We take a look at the strategy at ASOS that has lead to the retailer’s 32% increase in sales.

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Small but perfectly formed: the assortments of the future

Don’t fear retail’s shrinking assortments! We look at how reduced newness has resulted in more full price sell outs and less discounting.

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Which retailers were in Prime position?

When Amazon’s big $2 billion discounting day struck how did other retailers react? We check in on Prime Day strategy across the wider industry.

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  • Events
  • 7th Jul 2017
EDITIONS NYC: The Changing Shape of Menswear

Couldn’t make it to our latest EDITIONS event? No problem! We’ve recapped the best bits for our night of menswear chat right here.

The world’s best fashion retailers use EDITED to help them have the right product, at the right price, at the right time. Find out how →