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Is H&M’s strategy shifting to future-proof its brand portfolio?

What do we make of one of the world’s fastest fast fashion retailers slowing down? We’ve looked at H&M’s strategy right across the brand portfolio to understand what the retailer might have in store.

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Is the future private label?

With Amazon ramping up their private label offering, what can we learn from retailers’ in-house brands? How does own brand strategy differ from that of stocked brands?

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Decoding Millennial Workwear

For millennials, the work place looks a lot different and so too does workwear. How are retailers responding to the new dress codes of young professionals?

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Fashion math shows what’s really happening with skinny jeans

Skinny jeans seemingly have more lives than your average cat. So often have they been declared dead, only to turn up five days later on your neighbour’s washing line. So how will the style fare in 2017? Let’s look.

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  • 25th Jan 2017
“No designer wants to design for a landfill.” EDITIONS goes sustainable.

This month sustainability took center stage at EDITIONS London with speakers from H&M, Ethical Fashion Forum, Centre of Sustainable Fashion and Vivienne Westwood. Here’s a little bit of what we learned.

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What you should know about January sales

At the mid-point in the January sales season, half of the apparel market globally is discounted. We check in with play at U.S. and U.K. mass market retailers. How do reductions compare to last year and how deep do the discounts run?

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Present Tense: A Look at Menswear Growth

With London Fashion Week Men’s wrapped and three cities to go, menswear is enjoying a moment in the spotlight. Things feel positive from the outside, so lets look under the hood to see if current market data paints the same picture.

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