Right products, right price, right time.


EDITED, a retail technology company, helps leading brands and retailers like Topshop and Ralph Lauren have the right product at the right price, at the right time. With more than 80 billion data points, and millions more added daily, EDITED is the world leader of real-time data for apparel retailers worldwide.

Getting this right is how all the value is created or lost in the apparel business, so EDITED is used by buying, merchandising and trading teams to generate a huge competitive advantage.

Now industry professionals can know more about their markets than ever before.


EDITED Data Shows U.S. Online Retailers Lost Over $9.24 Million From Discounting Missteps

EDITED Data Shows Aggressive Discounts Beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday Key Sales Boost

EDITED Unveils World’s First Software to Help Retailers Conquer The Billion-Dollar Activewear Market


In the Press

The “Bloomberg terminal for fashion” tells retailers...

In recent years, retailers have increasingly embraced big data, instead of simply relying on the intuitive sense of fashion designers and buyers.

Fashion data tool EDITD helps ASOS push revenues up 37%

EDITD insights into consumer fashion retail trends is being used by 200 ASOS staff, with pricing information key to helping push sales.

EDITD secures $4.4m from private equity to expand

How do fashion buyers know whether to go with Ralph Lauren or Paul Smith for next season's batch of cropped trousers and pea coats?

Using big data to forecast the fashion future

EDITD CEO Geoff Watts discusses how the company uses big data to forecast the fashion future.

What’s on trend this season for the fashion industry? Big data

Two retail technology companies hope to apply big data analytics to trend-making in the fashion industry.

How to tell the fashion future?

The fashion industry always wants to know about the next big thing, so Julia Fowler thinks it should take a closer look at the world's financial markets.

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About Geoff Watts

Geoff Watts is the CEO and technical co-founder of EDITED. He has a background in big data computing and management, with previous experience at Fiat and Fonterra, and is now helping apparel retailers be more competitive by applying quantitative data to their decisions.

About Julia Fowler

Julia Fowler co-founded EDITED to help apparel retailers and brands understand market dynamics by analyzing commercial, social and industry data. As a former fashion designer, Julia was frustrated with the industry's lack of factual data and holes in traditional product development cycles.

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