Whether pulling in our competitive market data or processing your internal data to be more accessible, EDITED helps enhance your data set. Our APIs allow direct access to specific sets of data and the ability to plug it into any system of your choosing to visualize.

years of historical data
KPIs in an API
SKUs tracked


Connected market & refined enterprise data. Import ready.

Retailers require a significant amount and quality of market data to enhance their internal data sets and carry out bespoke analysis projects. EDITED has the most robust set of retail product data available and we can customize a data feed just for you. In addition, EDITED ingests, processes, and analyzes business data and returns more enriched data for a greater depth of insights.

  • Determine the correlation between competitor promotional activity and a drop in your sales
  • Forecast demand more accurately by adding market data to your modeling
  • Understand if new products arriving in the market are aligned with Google search trends
  • Uncover how competitor price architecture impacts your price elasticity 
Market Analytics

“EDITED gives you access to data you’d never be able to get by manually searching. This allows me to make decisions on a local level and share with the wider global team.”

– Danny Brown, PUMA UK’s Business Operations Manager