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By Use Case

Hindsighting & Benchmarking

Whether looking back at last season or last week, get an edge over your competitors by understanding how you performed, how they performed, and the influence they had on each other and surface opportunities to expand.

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Key Challenges

Drowning in Data

I have so much data, but making sense of it is difficult and time consuming.

Data Blind Spots

Data is dispersed in silos, creating blindspots and inconsistencies, so it's difficult for me to understand business performance.

No Market Context

Hinsighting tends to focus on internal data, lacking a broader market context, so I don't get the full picture.

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Market Informed Business Insights

I need to bring together market data and my enterprise data to get a full picture of how what's happening in the market is affecting my performance.

Validate Your Decisions

I need an independent source of truth when validating my choices internally because it’s difficult to argue with data.

How EDITED Helps

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Create winning assortments

EDITED helps you understand category breakdowns across the market so you can identify gaps and opportunities. For example, if your competitors have significant amounts of outerwear in their assortment, and you have none, this could affect your performance.

History charts

Using EDITED's assortment data, you can review seasonal phasing to pull products in earlier or push them out based on what's happening in the market.

Build custom reports

Review your historical performance, pull out your best sellers, identify what products worked best online vs. in stores and identify missed opportunities to plan upcoming assortments better.

Plan ahead or adjust in the moment

Whether looking at last week’s performance, last season’s, or last quarter’s, EDITED lets you select a certain time period to analyze when planning for the future. Utilize the global filter to examine a subset of products such as Fall’s Women’s Denim.

Compare pricing

Look back at historical performance and identify shifts in competitors' pricing. This tool showcases where the median price changed YoY, allowing users to identify where there's an opportunity to re-align prices.

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PUMA’s team used EDITED during their sale period to understand why performance was poor within the first 2 days. With EDITED, the team was able to identify an opportunity to move 600 options to sale and generated an additional $200K.


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