Your customer no longer shops through just one channel and requires more flexibility from you than ever. Our connected internal data gives you a holistic view of your entire business. Better define merchandising strategies by channel and geography with access to connected internal data and valuable metrics.


transactions analyzed


out-of-the-box retail metrics


daily opportunities surfaced


prebuilt data connectors and transformers


A holistic view of your entire business

New customer acquisition and growth strategies require you to provide a frictionless experience for your customer across multiple channels. If you are impeded from localizing and optimizing your assortment through multiple channels and taking advantage of profit-driving opportunities, EDITED Omni can help. 

  • Determine which products are driving profit in each channel
  • Pinpoint promotions that are the most profitable
  • See products that are selling well online but not in stores
  • Identify products that are more frequently bought online but returned to store (BORIS)
  • Know which products are driving buy online pick-up in store performance (BOPIS)

“As we work to create a frictionless, omnichannel experience, having access to even more competitor information and market data allows us to make better decisions faster, and helps us generate even more new ideas, which we see as positively affecting our business.”

– Adam Rohletter, Lane Bryant’s AVP of Marketing


Product add-ons


Fuel data-led automation

Data signals that drive intelligent automation in your activation systems

Improve agility and increase productivity by automating intelligent product sorting, stock, pricing actions, and more. EDITED Signal integrates with any of your internal ecosystems to drive action from insights based on your business rules and automatically update these insights within your systems. 

Automate price adjustments and precise replenishment based on supply and demand

Automate SKU level price adjustments based on supply, demand, geography, and more. Limit overstock, stockouts on best-selling products, substantial end-of-season discounting, and uncover opportunities to increase margins on trending products. Automate your product replenishment to increase profit and customer loyalty.

  • Discount overstocked colors and sizes based on predicted supply and demand
  • Increase price and reduce ad spend on high demand items with rapid sell-through
  • Adjust prices to align with competitor promotions and strategy. Get alerted to competitor stockouts and restocks.
  • Surgically replenish SKUs at specific stores and warehouses to match demand

Automate improvements across every platform you use

EDITED uses hundreds of customer, product, and market data signals to hyper-personalize every campaign. Automatically improve customer engagement across all channels, including email, SMS, ads and socials, by enriching customer segmentation, targeting, and personalization.

  • Leverage EDITED as a CDP to unify customer profiles
  • Enrich existing CDPs and ESPs with demographic, behavioral, and omnichannel transaction data
  • Analyze segments, journeys, and cohorts through rich customer analytics
  • Enable key campaign strategies including: winback, nudge, fast track, nurture, exclude, and more