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Better define your omnichannel retail strategy with connected data

Your customer no longer shops through just one channel and requires more flexibility from you than ever. Take advantage of profit-driving opportunities with EDITED Omni. Localize and optimize your assortment across multiple channels and geographies to gain a holistic view of your entire business with access to connected internal data and valuable metrics.

EDITED omni product - omnichannel retail strategy
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A holistic view of your entire business

Determine which products are driving profit in each channel

Pinpoint the most profitable promotions

See products that are selling well online but not in stores

Identify your most profitable customers

Ensure pricing consistency across channels

Identify products that are more frequently bought online but returned to store (BORIS)

Know which products are driving buy online pick-up in store performance (BOPIS)

Look at historical performance of best sellers and channels to plan the most profit-driving assortment.

How EDITED Helps

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A frictionless experience

EDITED Omni breaks down silos and connects data across your entire business, allowing an omnichannel, profit-first perspective. In the top left, you can see the holistic omnichannel experience data, and then a break down KPIs for web and store in the following two boxes. This breakdown allows you to see variances across performance in channels and understand where to focus.

Analyzing performance

With basket overlaps, you can understand customer purchase behavior across promotions, products, etc. Here, you can analyze your business’s promotional history in terms of promotion stacking or what basket size looks like for promotions you’ve run across channels. This data tells you what promos drive high AOV and increase basket sizes.

Building custom reports

With EDITED Omni insights, you can look at historical performance to pull your best sellers, see what did well as online exclusives versus in store, etc., and better plan upcoming assortments.

Pricing opportunities

EDITED Omni highlights products using your internal business data where there are opportunities for price changes so you can validate your adjustment decisions with data. You can use these opportunities charts to evaluate where you should increase prices and what white space opportunities exist.

Product insights

Quickly get insights on products that are underperforming with insight badges. Identify products with low sales but high conversion as candidates for markdown, or products with high sales and sell-through that are strong candidates to buy back into. These insights ensure you always bring in the right product across channels.

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“As we work to create a frictionless, omnichannel experience, having access to even more competitor information and market data allows us to make better decisions faster, and helps us generate even more new ideas, which we see as positively affecting our business.”

Adam Rohletter

Lane Bryant’s AVP of Marketing

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Start operationalizing intelligence in your retail business today.