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Create differentiated assortments across your channels and regions by combining different data sources to react proportionately and profitably to promotional activity in the market.

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Key Challenges

Complex Business Model

How do I differentiate assortment and pricing across channels and regions?

Margin Pressures

How can I balance increasing costs of goods while maintaining and growing margins?

De-risking Decisions

How do I make the best decisions while navigating the inherent risk of trying new strategies and varying opinions from stakeholders?

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Market Informed Business Insights

Bring together market data and your enterprise data to get a full picture of your impact and performance.

Identify and Prioritize Opportunities

Take back some time in your busy day by quickly identifying and focusing on the highest-impact opportunities that drive growth.

Validate Your Decisions

Be confident in your choices with an independent source of truth – it's difficult to argue with data.

Customer-Centric Merchandising

Know not only what makes you money but who makes you money so you can put energy into your most profitable customers.

Sustainable Approach

Keep an eye on emerging and retreating trends, and never miss an opportunity to promote sustainability in your business.

How EDITED Helps

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Product insights

Quickly get insights on products that are underperforming with insight badges. Identify products with low sales but high conversion as candidates for markdown, or products with high sales and sell-through that are strong candidates to buy back into. These insights ensure you always bring in the right product.

Discounting in the market

Understanding your competitors’ discount strategies is helpful for making accurate pricing or markdown adjustments. EDITED shows you if a competitor's discounting behavior impacts your own sales. This chart enables you to see the average discount amount and the proportion of products with a discount so you get a 360 view of other retailers’ discounting strategies.

All the data in one view

Visualize your combined internal business and market data in one view to support weekly trade with quicker, data-driven decisions. You no longer need to jump between sources to gather the data you need. Instead, focus on the critical actions that drive performance and save time.

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“I use EDITED’s dashboards to get early selling reads even before our weekly projection report comes out so we are definitely moving faster. As merchants, we are always working on the next item on our list so this allows us to move faster and make informed decisions.”

Lindsay Idle

Senior Director of Merchandising, Boston Proper

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Start operationalizing intelligence in your business today.