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Promotions & Campaigns

Take your digital storytelling to the next level. Understanding your most profitable customers ensures you can personalize promotions to the right person at the right moment. In-depth basket analysis gives telling insights about what drives customers to convert.

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Key Challenges

Customer Profitability

Some customers buy my product at full price and never return a thing, and some are more problematic. How do I know who is who?

Elevated Customer Experiences

Personalizing campaigns and promotions makes for a better experience and better numbers.

Driving AOV

Increasing average order value by knowing what products to promote together is crucial to my success.

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Market Informed Business Insights

Bring together market data and your enterprise data to get a full picture of how what is happening in the market is affecting your performance.

Expose and Prioritize Opportunities

Take some of the crazy out of your day by quickly identifying and focusing on the highest-impact opportunities that drive growth.

Validate Your Decisions

Validate your choices internally with an independent source of truth -- it's difficult to argue with data.

Customer-Centric Merchandising

Know not only what makes you money but who makes you money so you can put energy into your most profitable customers.

How EDITED Helps

EDITED Messaging product basket analysis chart profitable customer data chart

Digital storytelling

When planning promotions for an upcoming season or running in-season campaigns, identify opportunities and validate decisions with data. EDITED shows you the frequency of discount levels at different time periods, across the market, broken down by a % discount amount. This information helps you understand when key players are running promotions and how much they are discounting assortments or products.

Create relevant promos

You can also analyze your business’s promotional history in terms of promotion stacking or what basket size looked like for promotions you’ve run. This data tells you what promos drive high AOV and increase basket sizes. You can also see which items are purchased together and create promotions accordingly.

Target profitable customers

When running promotions, it is important to focus your energy and resources on those customers who are the most profitable. This chart uses EDITED data to sort customers accordingly. Just because a customer accounts for the most sales, does not mean they are the most profitable.

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PVH used EDITED to validate introducing a new entry price point product, resulting in a 27% increase in sales, a 31% increase in units sold, and 5% overall category growth.

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Start operationalizing intelligence in your business today.