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Site Merchandising

Connect your customers to the products they want. Audit your boost and bury strategy and enhance your curated shops using unique insights that tie together your product performance, customer behavior, and inventory levels. Make your search and merch tools smarter with automated product feeds that drive speed and accuracy.

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Key Challenges

Automation Audit

How do I know if my current tools are maximizing product exposure when they don't have access to inventory levels?

Predicting Sales

I need to understand what sales and profit could be associated with an increase or decrease in product views.

Trial and Error

It's difficult to know the potential impact of my boost and bury decisions without just taking a try-it-and-see approach, which is time-consuming and inefficient.

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Expose and Prioritize Opportunities

Take back time in your busy day by quickly identifying and focusing on the highest-impact opportunities that drive growth.

Customer-Centric Merchandising

Know not only what makes you money, but who makes you money so you can put energy into your most profitable customers.

Sustainable Merchandising

Be good to your brand AND to the environment. Eliminate waste in your business with more accurate planning and decision-making throughout the product lifecycle.

How EDITED Helps

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See enhanced product insights

Uncover the highest impact opportunities with product insights at the point of decision. Visualize recommended actions and easily identify relative metric performance, including which products need resorting, price changes, or stock changes to optimize performance and grow profitability.

Take action immediately

See “Insight” and “Action” badges on each of your products to alert you to best sellers, rising stars, unprofitable products, and more.

Fuel data-led automation

Once you know the action you want to take, EDITED’s data feeds boost and bury automation. We can send a data feed over to your search and merch tool that resorts your site based on optimal boost and bury decisions that you choose.

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lingerie store

This retailer identified opportunities to improve and refine its boost and sequencing strategy with EDITED, resulting in a 40% increase in demand.

US-Based Lingerie, Clothing, and Beauty Retailer

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Start operationalizing intelligence in your business today.