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Trend Identification

Validate your decisions with data. Our robust market data gives you the ability to not only identify trends, but also to track them so you know just when to invest more or get out. Need an even easier solution? Our full set of published runway and market trend analysis reports do the work for you.

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Key Challenges

Data Overload

There are so many new products and competitors; how do I get a complete view?

Limited Resources

The speed of retail is hard to keep up with given the limited time I have to make decisions.

Fast-Changing Market

Trends come and go so quickly; I need to know when to invest AND when to get out.

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Market Informed Trend Insights

Bring together market data and your enterprise data to get a full picture of how what is happening in the market is affecting your performance.

Identify and Prioritize Opportunities

Take some of the crazy out of your day by quickly identifying and focusing on the highest-impact opportunities that drive growth.

Validate Your Decisions

Validate your choices internally with an independent source of truth – it's difficult to argue with data.

Sustainable Merchandising

Keep an eye on emerging and retreating trends, and never miss an opportunity to promote sustainability in your business.

How EDITED Helps

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Know what's trending and winning

When everything seems to be trending, understand which trends are worth your time with retail intelligence. Track new-in for a specific category across retailers and over time to see where the competition is focusing and what has been popular previously. You can also combine new-in data with sell-out data to understand which trends are outpacing your stock.

Get in and out at the right time

EDITED gives you the ability to track trends so you can confidently decide when to get in and out of a trend at the right time. This chart looks at specific denim silhouettes to visualize how they’re trending and where they are within their life cycle.

Expert retail analysis

Wouldn’t it be great to see all the recent, relevant trends in one place? EDITED Retail Reports provide you with the most up-to-date trends so you can save time performing hours of research and instead take action quickly.

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Market share was declining for one of EDITED’s customers as they struggled to localize campaigns and messaging across regions. The team used EDITED to identify trends to include in marketing campaigns and optimize launch timing and cadence across each market. They reported an increase in conversion rates of 5% to 21% after using EDITED.



French-Based Children's Clothing Brand

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Start operationalizing intelligence in your business today.