Unlock the Power of Pricing Intelligence

Set the right price, every time

Have complete visibility on pricing strategies in the market, with a connected view into profitability, product performance and your customers.


Your team’s guide to complete price alignment

Identify the right price and assess its impact on your margins

With EDITED’s world class pricing tools, leverage both competitive data and internal business data to optimize the price of every product in your assortment, no matter where it is sold. Across Market Intelligence and Enterprise Intelligence, solidify your pricing and discounting strategies and pinpoint key growth opportunities.

Accurate benchmarking

Quickly evaluate pricing of similar products across the market to benchmark against competitors.

Predictive analysis

Get recommendations on price and forecast financial impact, prioritizing changes based on predicted profit gain.

Simple automation

Automate fine-tuned price and discount changes to align with demand, stock, and competitor promotions.

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EDITED’s Market Analytics price architecture and options tools support MANGO in understanding pricing architecture in the region or product category they’re entering.

“EDITED’s Market Intelligence data allows us to see where we are out of position on price in respect to our competitors. The Market Analytics platform helps us to detect in which categories and in what countries the quality to price ratio is not aligned with our customers’ needs. We adapt collections and prices to each country in order to satisfy the end-customer expectations as much as possible.”

– Marta Sola, Pricing Markdown Analytics at MANGO

Products Used

  • Market Analytics
  • Visual Merchandising

Abercrombie & Fitch uses EDITED’s pricing suite to stay competitive in the global market.

“We use EDITED’s Market Analytics and Visual Merchandising tools to look at promotions and price points. For example, if we’re looking at denim, what are our competitors promoting in Germany versus Italy? When are they dropping new products and what are the price points? With this type of analysis we can identify what the driving factors are behind a successful category and if there’s an opportunity to shift our own strategy.”

– James Page, Senior Regional Merchant at Abercrombie & Fitch Co.

Products Used

  • Market Analytics
  • Visual Merchandising

Products Used

market intelligence

Identify the optimal price with Market Intelligence

Maximize full-price sales and spot gaps in your competitive landscape

Know how to price products before launch and when to set discounts that increase market share without destroying margins. Spot pricing opportunities with easy-to-read pricing analysis tools and monitor price at an individual product and SKU level.

See how retailers and brands shift their price points over time with Market Analytics.

Monitor local pricing and discount strategies for comparable products globally.

Ensure pricing is competitive within the market, while maintaining margin.

Identify product with the fastest sell-through, as well as poor performing product.

Enterprise Intelligence

Drive profitable
actions with
Enterprise Intelligence

Identify products for increased exposure, stock replenishment, or price adjustment based on a holistic view of your digital channel and stores. Discover granular, profit impacting action candidates within your pricing strategies.

Adjust pricing based on velocity, stock cover, profitability, returns.

Pinpoint underpriced items and raise prices to increase profit.

Reduce markdowns across the business, brand or category.

Run promotions at a SKU level based on performance.

Reimagining Retail

Solutions for unified commerce

EDITED’s Connected Commerce Cloud provides leading retailers with the solutions they need to optimize their omnichannel strategy and digitalization.