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EDITED Digital

Get closer to your customers with our digital merchandising solution

New customer acquisition and growth initiatives increasingly rely on multi-brand and marketplace partnerships. Luckily, your digital customers provide you with enormous amounts of valuable data whenever they purchase from you, which is crucial for an accurate direct-to-consumer strategy. EDITED Digital allows you to connect this data and generate valuable new metrics and insights that improve your digital merchandising strategy.

EDITED Digital - digital merchandising solution
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Why EDITED Digital

Quickly align your digital business based on true customer demand

Know which products have high views but low sales due to lack of inventory

Connect demand, customer cohorts, and inventory from a web analytics perspective

Quickly see in-stock products that are not visible to customers online

Uncover the true profitability of products sold

Identify products with a high cart abandon rate

Determine which customers have consistently high return rates

See all of your relevant KPIs in one place

How EDITED Helps

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Prescriptive actions for ecommerce growth

With basket heatmaps, you can track overlapping orders to understand which items your customers purchase together. This data shows your customer is more likely to purchase men's underwear & socks when purchasing men's shorts. These types of insights help you create personalized promotions to increase basket size.

Pricing opportunities

EDITED Digital highlights products using your internal business data where there are opportunities for price changes so you can validate your adjustment decisions with data. You can use these opportunities charts to evaluate where you should increase prices and what white space opportunities exist.

Product insights

Quickly get insights on products that are underperforming with insight badges. Identify products with low sales but high conversion as candidates for markdown, or products with high sales and sell-through that are strong candidates to buy back into. These insights ensure you always bring in the right product.

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out-of-the-box retail metrics


transactions analyzed


daily opportunities surfaced

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“I used EDITED’s dashboards to get early selling reads even before our weekly projection report comes out so we are definitely moving faster. As merchants we are always working on the next item on our list so this allows us to move faster and make informed decisions.”

Lindsay Idle

Senior Director of Merchandising at Boston Proper

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Start operationalizing intelligence in your retail business today.