EDITED Digital

Your digital customers provide you with enormous amounts of valuable data whenever they purchase from you. Connect this data and generate valuable new metrics and insights that improve your digital merchandising and bring you closer to your customers.

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Why EDITED Digital

Quickly align your digital business based on true customer demand

Increasing digital marketing costs and high return rates are eroding the profitability of ecommerce business. New customer acquisition and growth initiatives increasingly rely on multi-brand and marketplace partnerships. Your direct-to-consumer strategy needs to be accurate, but if you lack visibility of the data that allows you to take immediate action, EDITED Digital can help.  

  • Identify the true profitability of products sold
  • Connect demand, customer cohorts, and inventory from a web analytics perspective
  • Quickly see in-stock products that are not visible to customers online
  • Know which products have high views but low sales due to lack of inventory
  • Identify products with a high cart abandon rate
  • Determine which customers have consistently high return rates

“I used EDITED’s dashboards to get early selling reads even before our weekly projection report comes out so we are definitely moving faster. As merchants we are always working on the next item on our list so this allows us to move faster and make informed decisions.”

Lindsay Idle, Senior Director of Merchandising at Boston Proper
EDITED Digital

Product add-ons

Fuel data-led automation

Data signals that drive intelligent automation in your activation systems

Improve agility and increase productivity by automating intelligent product sorting, stock, pricing actions, and more. EDITED Signal integrates with any of your internal ecosystems to drive action from insights based on your business rules.

Product and style level performance at your fingertips

DynamicView recognizes product IDs on the current web page in your browser, retrieves corresponding metric values, action candidates, and other analytic insights from the DynamicAction platform, and displays them on top of the corresponding product images and in a sidebar frame.

  • Insight and action badges superimposed on images on your website and vendor consoles for quick decision making.
  • Easily determine which products require additional exposure, a price or promotion change, or will need to be restocked.
  • Determine the effect of merchandising, marketing, and retailing actions on gross margin by category.

Drive average order value for key customer segments, promotions, categories and brands

Upgrade your marketing and merchandising strategies by better understanding your customers using real-time order metrics. Order affinities is a powerful tool that deconstructs order composition for key customer cohorts or channels, going far beyond basic basket analysis.

  • See what’s being ordered with what and what customer behavior you want to grow
  • Analyze promotion effectiveness and halo effect
  • Identify opportunities to drive higher average order value and items per order