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Data Strategy & Governance

Unlock value for your business users and drive more ROI from your investments by connecting disparate data sources and then making them accessible to the people who are making data-void decisions today.

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Key Challenges

Cross-Purpose Initiatives

Different groups across the company are unaligned on what data is important to bring together.

Resistance to Change

Change can be a challenge. Combining data means a business must look at things differently than in the past.

Lack of Resources

Data is siloed, systems are disconnected, and the energy and effort to connect them is greater than our capacity.

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Validate Decisions with Data

Be ready to challenge your teams to make data-led decisions that drive profitability and sustainability in your business.

Maximize Your Technology ROI

Improve ROI across your tech stack through systemized, repeatable processes, a connected ecosystem, and speed to activation.

How EDITED Helps

EDITED market, enterprise, and partner data graphic representing data going into EDITED's platform representation of the data that comes from EDITED's platform

Bringing data together

EDITED's Retail Intelligence Platform brings together all the data you need to make smart, contextualized decisions. This includes market data that EDITED gathers by crawling websites across your market; your internal enterprise metrics, including orders, inventory, returns, product, and customer data; and your partner data, such as product reviews, social media, paid search, and web analytics.

Our retail-specific data model

Once EDITED brings together this market, internal, and partner data, our proprietary AI-driven intelligence platform takes all of the data and turns it into insights that you can understand easily and action quickly.

Activation in your systems

Our technology connects with and automates processes in your internal systems. This means you can action these insights by making your other technology investments smarter and faster.

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COACH optimized automated sorting rules for key category pages, resulting in revenue per visit (RPV) improvements of 4%.

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Start operationalizing intelligence in your business today.