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Insights & Strategy

Move at the speed of retail. Don’t waste hours manually digging through disparate data sets to find insights. Let EDITED do the heavy lifting and put your business performance in the context of the market, allowing you to focus on setting a winning strategy for your brand.

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Key Challenges

Lack of Clarity

We are too internally focused, and I need a better view of how we are performing in the context of the market.

Complex Business Model

With a global, omnichannel environment, it can be difficult to diagnose if we are maximizing profitability across channels and regions.

Data-Led Decision Making

I want to challenge my teams to use all of the data available to them to make the best decisions for the business.

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Market Informed Business Insights

Bring together market data and your enterprise data to get a full picture of how what is happening in the market is affecting your performance.

Validate Decisions with Data

Be ready to challenge your teams to make data-led decisions that drive profitability and sustainability in your business.

Expose and Prioritize Opportunities

Take some of the crazy out of your day by quickly identifying and focusing on the highest-impact opportunities that drive growth.

Sustainable Merchandising

Be good to your brand AND to the environment. Eliminate waste in your business with more accurate planning and decision-making throughout the product lifecycle.

Maximize Your Technology ROI

Improve ROI across your tech stack through systemized, repeatable processes, a connected ecosystem, and speed to activation.

Utilizing EDITED

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Go after the right trends

Understanding when trends hit the market is critical to developing a relevant and customer-centric strategy. Know when to get in on a trend and when to get out with EDITED's trend-tracking technology. By looking at the historical data on how a certain product or category has performed, you can better understand your customers and make more informed decisions that resonate with your target audience.

Set competitive pricing

Identifying and setting the optimal price to achieve full-price sell-through is crucial to your business’ bottom line. EDITED’s pricing tools allow your team to leverage competitor and internal pricing data to optimize the price on all of your products. This chart shows how your company’s pricing compares to other top competitors in the market so you can ensure your strategy is strong.

Optimize your inventory

When replenishing inventory, understanding how competitors’ assortments stack up against your own can be very illuminating. In this color analysis chart, you can visualize how much product in each color you’re stocking versus others in your market.

Identify opportunities

The goal is to identify opportunities to optimize your product offerings, ensuring that you stock the right quantities and variations to meet customer demand and stay competitive. This analysis helps your team identify the most profitable replenishment strategy for optimizing inventory.

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“Time is money. If people spend hours of their day searching for information, or wasting time because they are doubting a decision they have to make, it’s a waste for the company. What’s more, making mistakes costs a lot of money. In a world where prices are constantly changing, if you over-develop styles, enter a market at the wrong price point, or use an outdated price, then you’re losing opportunity to gain margin.”

Marcella Wartenbergh


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Start operationalizing intelligence in your business today.