EDITED Overlay

You need to make decisions quickly based on product and category performance. EDITED Overlay provides product insights at the point of decision by allowing you to visualize recommended actions. Easily identify relative metric performance and which products need resorting, price changes, or stock changes to optimize performance and grow profitability.


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insight and action badges


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Why EDITED Overlay

Automatic insight and action discovery at the point of decision

This Chrome extension overlays 300+ profit, demand, inventory, returns, shipping, traffic, marketing, customer, and promotion KPIs directly onto your website or vendor consoles. See “Insight” and “Action” badges on each of your products to alert you to best sellers, rising stars, unprofitable products, and more.

  • Decide which products to boost or bury 
  • Determine if a product would benefit from a price change 
  • Identify categories that need replenishment 
  • Drive conversion on high traffic web pages 

“There is fantastic functions of EDITED, which highlight where you have high inventory levels and it’s not necessarily waiting to mid-season sale or end of season sale. It’s really highlighting what you need to do and when you need to do it. And I think that’s one of the advantages of EDITED”

– Colette Hilton, Head of Retail & Ecommerce UKI at PUMA