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How to plan your assortment using data: Part One

It’s Assortment Planning Week at EDITED. Our aim is to help planners, buyers and merchandisers to take a more data-driven process in their approach to next season. Using trend and retail data, we’ve got free resources for you to download.

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Prepping for Black Friday 2018? Check this data first

Planning for Black Friday 2018 starts here. How can you get eyeballs on brand without sacrificing serious margin? We take a look at the data from the sales marathon in 2017.

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There’s a new kid in town (and she looks a lot like mommy)

Childrenswear is shooting up – growing faster than apparel for grown-ups. We look at the return of teens, a shift in luxury kidswear and the increase in mommy and me trends.

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No time to snooze on sleepwear

Sleep has become a major business – one that’s making consumers analyze whether they’re getting enough of it, whether they’re doing it right or whether they’re accompanied in it by the right products. How has that impacted the nightwear category?

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Say Yes To The Dress, Online

We’re a month out from the royal wedding. Here’s hoping Meghan’s got a first look at these wedding trends for 2018…

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Meet the full line-up of festival trends for 2018

What do hundreds of thousands of festival-goers in the Indio desert have to do with retail? We dig into the experience consumption of Gen Z and millennials and assess the growing opportunity for festival season in fashion.

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  • 11th Apr 2018
Starting 2018 strong: meet the Q1 bestsellers

How has the first quarter of 2018 been in fashion? We look at the retailers doing well and the Q1 bestselling trends. How many did you buy into?

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