Supercharge Your Promotion Campaigns

Navigate and create world-class retail campaigns

Take your promotional strategy to the next level with unparalleled, exclusive market insights. EDITED’s promotional tools deliver accurate, empirical, actionable insights specifically tailored for driving successful campaigns.


Discounting decisions made clear

There’s no replacement for hard data when you’re tackling your trickiest discounting decisions. EDITED’s Connected Commerce Cloud gives you all the tools to discount effectively to drive desired commercial outcomes throughout the seasons and promotional events.

Data first approach

Strategize promotions with EDITED’s Retail Reports and Visual Merchandising features backed up by Market Analytics Data.

Intelligent discounting

Discount appropriately to remain competitive during promotional periods and maintain margins.

Strategic analysis

Uncover competitors’ discounting strategies over time and quickly identify opportunities within your own brand.


“EDITED’s Connected Commerce Cloud is a very useful tool that helps us in monitoring what our competitors are doing in terms of markdown strategy. In terms of pricing we use it retroactively to see in detail what communications our competitors have used in specific promotions.”

– Sergio Domenech, Pricing Markup Analytics at MANGO

Perfect your seasonal promotional strategy

Gain key insights into customer expectations across all promotional periods

Build and execute successful campaigns season after season. Understand what to promote and when with data-backed reports.

Understand and predict the promotional activities of the wider market.

Reports and data focusing on all the major promotional periods throughout the year.

Years of data to review the success of the market and your own campaigns.

Understand customer behavior to drive better results from your promotions.

Market Intelligence

Profit driving
product launches

Everything you need to make every launch a success

Reach your new product’s full potential by utilizing EDITED’s Visual Merchandising and Market Analytics tools to execute strategic, surgical launch campaigns designed for profitability.

Deep-dive into Market Analytics using the filters important to you to understand what and when to launch to maximize profitability.

Review market data to understand the perfect visual merchandising and promotional matrix for your launch.

Measure campaign success with easily identifiable metrics built to provide you with the full picture.

Reimagining Retail

Solutions for unified commerce

EDITED’s Connected Commerce Cloud provides leading retailers with the solutions they need to optimize their omnichannel strategy and digitalization.