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Retailers have always had one goal — connecting the right products, to the right customers, at the right time. As you navigate the new complexities around customer-centricity, omnichannel operations, digitalization, and ever-changing consumer preferences, EDITED is the signal through the noise. Using our AI-powered intelligence platform, we connect multiple data sources into an easily accessible model that gives you the answers you need to be data-driven, without drowning in the detail.

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Competitive insights that drive action

EDITED Digital

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Break silos, connect data

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Access to the data you need

Winning starts with understanding the competition

Make better, more informed, customer-focused decisions by understanding key trends and products entering the market as well as how competitors are pricing, discounting, promoting, and marketing them.

  • Identify gaps in your assortment
  • See what new products your competitors launch and when 
  • Identify emerging trends 
  • Benchmark price architecture across competitors and regions 
  • Monitor and react to market discount activity 
  • Track competitor promotional activity   

Capture opportunities to better align customer demand with inventory

Your digital customers provide you with enormous amounts of valuable data whenever they purchase from you. Connect this data and generate valuable new metrics and insights that improve your digital merchandising and bring you closer to your customers.

  • Identify the true profitability of products sold
  • Quickly see in-stock products that are not visible to customers online
  • Know which products have high views but low sales due to lack of inventory
  • Identify products with a high cart abandon rate
  • Determine which customers have consistently high return rates

Create a frictionless experience across all of your channels

Your customer no longer shops through just one channel and requires more flexibility from you than ever. Our connected internal data gives you a holistic view of your entire business. Better define merchandising strategies by channel and geography with access to connected internal data.

  • Determine which products are driving profit in each channel
  • Pinpoint promotions that are the most profitable
  • See products that are selling well online but not in stores
  • Identify products that are more frequently bought online but returned to store (BORIS)
  • Know which products are driving buy online pick-up in store performance (BOPIS)


Know what’s trending, what’s selling, and what’s winning

Our in-house team of analysts combines years of industry experience with retail data to provide the most up-to-date trend reports that help your team find new trends and react quickly. Our analytics tools allow you to dig into the products behind those trends to find market opportunities for your brand.

  • Spot new trends quickly and see the products behind the trends
  • Know what’s trending, what’s selling, and what’s winning 
  • Contextualize industry shifts 
  • Invest in the right product  
  • Price and position correctly with industry expert recommendations

Overlay crucial KPIs directly on your website

This Chrome extension overlays 300+ profit, demand, inventory, returns, shipping, traffic, marketing, customer, and promotion KPIs directly onto your website or vendor consoles. See “Insight” and “Action” badges on each of your products to alert you to best sellers, rising stars, unprofitable products, and more.

  • Decide which products to boost or bury 
  • Determine if a product would benefit from a price change 
  • Identify categories that need replenishment 
  • Drive conversion on high traffic web pages 

Data feeds customized to your needs

Whether pulling in our competitive market data or processing your internal data to be more accessible, we help enhance your data set. Our APIs allow direct access to specific sets of data and the ability to plug it into any system of your choosing to visualize.

  • Determine the correlation between competitor promotional activity and a drop in your sales
  • Forecast demand more accurately by adding market data to your modeling
  • Understand if new products arriving in the market are aligned with Google search trends
  • Uncover how competitor price architecture impacts your price elasticity 

“We can take action in five minutes in the meeting room, rather than having people going away to crunch the numbers and coming back two days later to take the action.”

– Analytics Lead, Fortune 500 Multinational Retailer