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Connected Commerce Cloud

EDITED is the leader in Retail Intelligence and AI-driven data insights. The world’s most innovative brands and retailers drive better results with fast, AI-driven analytics for pricing, assortments, margins, product sorting, customer preferences, and more.

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The EDITED Connected Commerce Cloud

Market Intelligence

Market analytics platform analyzing competitor pricing, discounting, assortment, promotions and global trends.

Enterprise Intelligence

Business analytics platform made for retailers, equipped with AI-powered recommendations to increase profit and demand.

Retail Automation

Automation engine to power improvements in product sorting, pricing, discounting, engagement and replenishment.


Comprehensive retail and runway research and trend analysis reports that ensure no trend is missed.

4B+ Tracked SKUs
Founded in 2009
12 years of retail data
3 Offices
Relied on by 48K retail industry professionals
We work with leading retailers in 29 countries
Speed to Insight

Our solutions

Market Intelligence
Better market data, bigger profit margins
Enterprise Intelligence
Leverage your data, maximize your sales
Retail Automation
Fueling automation that drives success
Industry analysis at your fingertips

Better market data, bigger profit margins

Winning starts with understanding the competition

Many retailers struggle to optimize price and assortment because they don’t have the right data. EDITED Market Intelligence helps you truly understand market demands and competitor analysis at scale. You’ll have access to real-time data in your key markets, making it easy to spot big opportunities that convert into even bigger gains.

  • Visualize competitor product, assortment, and pricing analysis
  • Understand every trend through data-backed reports written by our expert analysts
  • Understand your positioning relative to competitors
  • Monitor and analyze language and images from competitor email campaigns and websites

Leverage your data, maximize your sales

Making all data points work for your business

We help bring all your data together and get it speaking the same language. EDITED’s Enterprise Intelligence seamlessly connects all of your metrics, identifying every insight and recommending ways to improve your retail business. We then apply our AI and data processing to it to make it smarter, helping to automate systems and much more.

  • Integrate all of your data in a single digital location.
  • With seamless, automatic data ingestion, EDITED enables scalable, rapid reporting and analytics
  • Focus on growth opportunities and maximize your commercial potential
  • Know exactly which decisions are most profitable and critical for success

Fueling automation that drives success

Automatically identify unique opportunities and act with confidence

EDITED’s automation suite doesn’t just visualize your business data, it recommends ways to improve profit and revenue. Take the information from our suite of Market and Enterprise Intelligence products to fuel automated actions in areas like product sorting, customer campaigns, pricing and replenishment. Our AI is the extra set of hands you didn’t know you needed. Trustworthy, constantly learning and improving and safe, all while seamlessly integrating with your internal systems.

  • Automate fine-tuned price changes to align with demand, stock, and competitor promotions
  • Improve and personalize product sorting, search results, and recommendations at scale
  • Limit stockout and overstock with automated replenishment
  • Build campaigns to target and track bespoke customer segments through email and ads

Industry analysis at your fingertips

Curated trend analysis driving buying & planning

Always know what’s trending, what’s selling and what’s winning with EDITED Research. Our in-house team of analysts combines years of industry experience with retail data to provide the most up-to-date trend reports you can trust, helping your team invest in the right product, contextualize industry shifts and react quickly.

  • Concise and digestible reports for buying, merchandising, design, strategy, and marketing teams
  • Spot new trends quickly and see the products behind the trends
  • Key promotional and product opportunities in line with the retail and holiday calendars
  • Core, commercial, and directional products by category to translate the top runway trends for your customer
connected commerce cloud

Your business objectives, front and center

Best in class support to help you deliver results

All data leads to insight and action. Our Customer Success team is the extra piece to help you get there. With over 1,000 years of HQ retail experience across our teams, you’re in good hands to hit your company goals. With access to our Retail Strategist, Research and Data teams you’re enabled to accomplish any team objective.

  • Evaluate current processes, strategic objectives and EDITED impact
  • Plan workshops to demonstrate how EDITED can help
  • Present Customer Success experience and how we ensure you succeed in meeting your objectives
connected commerce cloud

EDITED value realized

Your Value Realization Plan

Our tried and tested methodology, the Value Realization Plan (VRP), brings you total value in the fastest way possible. Our team works with yours to understand your business goals and team initiatives to outline how our solutions support each one. We understand the need to create business cases for tech solutions. That’s why we help quantify value from day one.

“We can take action in five minutes in the meeting room, rather than having people going away to crunch the numbers and coming back two days later to take the action.”

– Analytics Lead, Fortune 500 Multinational Retailer