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Australia + Fashion: a voice that's getting louder

Fashion capitals of the world, New York, London, Paris and Milan, are an exclusive set. Successful designers based elsewhere often spend considerable time and money travelling in order to show at these key fashion weeks, but now advances in technology have made the world smaller and more connected, the fashion industry is equally much more connected.…

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Does augmented reality have a future in fashion?

On Tuesday evening we found ourselves at Beck’s Digital Salon, listening to and discussing the latest developments in augmented reality. Beck’s Green Box Project is set up to offer funding and support for independent creative projects in the music, fashion and art worlds and incorporates augmented reality (AR); over the next three years Beck’s will be virtually displaying work from over 1000 individuals.…

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How men shop

It doesn’t take a genius to identify that the shopping habits of the female of the species differ from the male. We’re socialised with different attitudes towards consumerism which clever retailers have tapped into. That covers everything, store layouts to product merchandising, signage to the approach of sales staff, all have been considered in the gendering of retail space.…

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Sports luxe – why now is the time to go for gold

Sports luxe has been skirting the edges of mainstream awareness for a couple of seasons, with subtle references in shape or fabric usage. But it is only now the theme has percolated through to all levels of the market that the trend has become a surefire hit.

The SS12 shows were swimming with glammed-up sports gear, as referenced in the key looks in our Season Round-up Report and discussed back in September on this blog.  …

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Retailers = Publishers.

Half a decade ago, blogs like Style Bubble and The Sartorialist realised the art of making a pastime into something professional.

In the years since, retailers have observed that eye-balls are gold-dust for sales. Delivering daily content updates to support their product offering, retailers can inspire customers editorially and engage with them at a deeper level.…

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  • 21st Oct 2011
The Australian Blogosphere

This week we teamed up with Ragtrader, Australia’s leading fashion business magazine, for a special feature on Australian bloggers. We calculated the top bloggers, most talked about Australian fashion brands, and compared consumer sentiment towards national retailer, Sportsgirl, with international newcomers Zara and Topshop.

Top 5 Australian Bloggers: We analysed a number of important metrics, including frequency of posting, page ranking, how engaged their audience was and how influential they are via follows, referrals, links and mentions.…

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