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  • 11th Apr 2011
A (very hairy) short story

Ladies hide your St Tropez, because your man friend may soon be dipping into your supply for a bit of ‘man tan’ to disguise the effects of a very long winter. All in the name of fashion… and of course, some very short shorts. Be warned: there will be an awful lot of men’s knees on show this summer, according to sales figures.…

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  • 7th Apr 2011
The cult of the pleated skirt

It is all about plissé at the moment. Seriously, when was the last time a brand was forced to set an email address dedicated to a skirt? But with all the hype, what is the real analysis behind the trend?

First spotted on the SS11 runways, the concertina style marked a change from the thicker more boxy pleats of AW10/11.…

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Social media data for product development

It seems every brand now has a presence on social media, but most are missing out on a major opportunity.

Facebook and Twitter provide a great platform to engage with fans and customers, but the possibility of using social platforms for product development is virtually untapped.

Americans alone spend a staggering 906 million hours a month on social networks, so the web has created (essentially) the worlds largest real-time focus group.  …

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  • 4th Apr 2011
Our passion for data and fashion
Five years ago we watched a seismic change take place in the fashion business, when bloggers were first given front-row seats at runway shows. That was a bellwether, and since then even more ways for people to express themselves have emerged (like Facebook, Twitter & forums). At the same time, retailers were shifting focus toward online storefronts. By then it was obvious that online was becoming a nexus, and represents the industry's future.

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