Merchandising & buying

Merchandising Planning for Unprecedented Business Insights

Empower your trading teams to grow revenue and improve margins

Merchandising and buying teams use EDITED’s Connected Commerce Cloud to get a 360-degree view of both their competitive marketplace and their own business. No more blind spots or guesswork.

merchandising & Buying

Say goodbye to manual competitive shopping

Benchmark your assortment globally

Drive revenue and increase market share by unlocking real-time and historical views of your market. With multiple data sources available, teams can plan their assortments more effectively, optimize price points and timing of product launches, as well as quickly identify relevant trends to apply.

Identify sell outs

Know which products are selling out quickly across the entire market, enabling you to immediately identify the right products to be trading into.

Product benchmarking

Determine how big your assortment should be by benchmarking the size of your range against strategic competitors.

Assess opportunities

Grow your market share by easily identifying under-penetrated and under-served categories across every market relevant to your brand.

Trend analysis

Optimize in-season trading with data backed analysis of emerging trends, insight into key product attributes, colors, patterns and more.

Merchandising & Buying

“MANGO must have a global and local vision of the company’s positioning in each market to execute on our strategy. We have different competitors around the globe and MANGO must adapt products and prices to the customer’s needs in each country.”

– Marta Setien, Director of Pricing at MANGO
market intelligence

What’s in style? Insight.

EDITED’s comprehensive Market Intelligence platform offers both retail market data and in-depth research reports that empower merchandising and product teams to invest in the right trends and categories.

Develop into new trends quickly with digestible data and reports on key colors, silhouettes, fabrications and more.

Be first to market by monitoring the trends impacting your market, and where there is opportunity to develop or buy into product.

Improve full-price sell-through by validating the strength of a trend using product-level and digital messaging data.

Know when to move away from a trend by identifying when new arrivals are starting to wane, or discounting is speeding up.

Enterprise Intelligence

Informed decision-making made easy

Equip your teams with the knowledge to take precise actions with confidence

With EDITED’s Enterprise Intelligence platform, merchandising teams are empowered to make informed decisions that will drive profitable results. Get an efficient read on your business with daily trading insights, new arrivals performance and seasonal hind-sighting.

Increase average order value through summary analysis of best combinations of categories, brands and products.

Automated analysis of winning and losing styles to maximize your high-converting products and bury your poorer performers.

Determine forecasted impact of actions taken on price, merchandising or inventory  before they happen.

Easily see which products need more exposure, a price or promotional change or need to be restocked.

Reimagining Retail

Solutions for unified commerce

EDITED’s Connected Commerce Cloud provides leading retailers with the solutions they need to optimize their omnichannel strategy and digitalization.