The ultimate analytics toolkit for retail ecommerce

Optimize your digital strategies with real-time data

EDITED’s Connected Commerce Cloud informs data-backed decisions for retailers. Our suite of tools are designed for ecommerce teams to perfectly time product launches and promotions through analyzing competitor communications.


The right story for the
right audience

Products designed to drive
ecommerce strategy

Perfectly time product launches and promotions ahead of your competitors, and see all promotional communications worldwide to pinpoint key trends. Recommend items for promotion based on inventory and market demand.

Perfect timing

Create and execute product launches and promotions perfectly with Visual Merchandising.

On-demand reports

Access Visual Merchandising & Discount Code Tracking reports with EDITED Research.

Accessible metrics

With a few clicks, see overlaid product level insights, trends, and performance with DynamicView.

Customer insight

Inform promotion, email strategy, product recommendations and placements with Basket Analysis.

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EDITED accelerates MANGO in the global marketplace


new online customers acquired


increase in online gross revenue

Products Used

  • Market Analytics
  • Visual Merchandising

EDITED supports John Lewis & Partners in digital transformation


annual growth in online sales

Products Used

  • Market Analytics
  • Visual Merchandising

Products Used

Market INtelligence

Time your
campaigns perfectly

Powering your digital-first strategy with Market Intelligence

EDITED’s Market Intelligence platform helps the world’s leading retailers easily capture what’s happening across their competitive landscape and analyze their own business with just a couple of clicks. Understand how your competitors position their products and perfectly time your promotional campaigns with Visual Merchandising.

A holistic view of your brands and competitors promotional campaign archives.

Monitor and analyze language and images from competitor email campaigns and websites.

Discover how your online offerings compare to your competitors’ from a choice count perspective.

Stay ahead of key promotional and product opportunities in the retail and holiday calendars.

Ecommerce – Teams

“As we work to create a frictionless, omnichannel experience, having access to even more competitor information and market data allows us to make better decisions faster, and helps us generate even more new ideas, which we see as positively affecting our business.”

– Adam Rohletter, Lane Bryant’s AVP of marketing
Enterprise INtelligence

Increase product
sell-through with Enterprise Intelligence

Accessible data makes the difference

Brands globally use EDITED’s Enterprise Intelligence platform to support their dynamic omnichannel, vertical retail, and online presences. Quickly identify what items are converting and selling through promotions and discover which products are driving demand across your own site with DynamicView. 

Understand which internal products customers are buying, are not selling, and which are converting.

Leverage overlays of key metrics and recommended actions directly onto your website to see relevant data in one place.

Optimize product visibility through boost and bury, personalizations, and custom product recommendations.

Reimagining Retail

Solutions for unified commerce

EDITED’s Connected Commerce Cloud provides leading retailers with the solutions they need to optimize their omnichannel strategy and digitalization.