digital Marketing & Sales

Optimize your ecommerce and digital strategies

Rapid ROI from beautifully displayed data

See all promotional communications from your competitors worldwide and pinpoint key trends to perfectly time product launches and promotions. Leverage advanced, key product metrics overlayed directly on your website’s page to grow profitability.

digital Marketing & Sales

Execute high-performance campaigns

Go beyond seasonality with in-depth promotional landscape analysis

With our Visual Merchandising tool, analyze trends and campaigns advertised across competitor email communication and messaging on retailers’ direct sites. With our archive of communications, you can view a site’s homepage, category landing pages, emails, and blog posts. 

Precise promotions

Understand when, where and how your competitors have positioned their products and perfectly time your promotions.

Universal tracking

Track trends and promo by filtering on keywords or phrases and connect the data back to Market Analytics or Retail Reports.

Heatmap analysis

Analyze which days had the highest mention of specific keywords and when retailers started communicating trends.

Comparable data

Cross-reference periods, connecting the promotional language used to the discount advertised.

“We can look at a category at a total level to see what is going on with our products in terms of price, colors, and sizes. Using DynamicView we are able to dive in deeper as to why—or why not– the product got visibility!”

Director of Merchandising at a Global Fast Fashion Retailer
Enterprise Intelligence

Distinctive and instant
product visibility

Identify and improve product performance with DynamicView

Select your own KPIs or recommended metrics for overlay badges wherever you work with products. Easily see which products need more exposure, a price or promo change, or will need to be restocked. Visualize recommended actions and opportunities on merchandise that should be considered, like a price change or restock.

Simple product and style level performance metrics at your fingertips.

Insight and action badges overlaid directly over images on your website and your vendor consoles.

Evaluate the impact of merchandising and marketing on gross margin by category.

DynamicView links back to in-platform reports, providing key insights fast.

Enterprise Intelligence

Increase order sizes with Basket Analysis

Drive units per transaction and average order value for key customer segments

Identify the best offers for your product recommendation zones, your promotional strategies and your marketing creative through advanced Basket Analysis. Identify which items are frequently purchased together and unveil the hidden combinations that drive the highest lift, the highest halo effect or promotion stacking.

See what’s being ordered together and what customer behavior you want to grow.

Analyze promotion effectiveness and halo effect to drive profitability.

Identify opportunities to drive higher average order value and items per order.

Digital Marketing & Sales

“EDITED helped us compare our online offerings to those of our competitors’ from a choice count perspective. We quickly discovered that there is opportunity for more online exclusives in order to expand our customers’ options and give our clients more products to choose from.”

– Adam Rohletter, Lane Bryant’s AVP of marketing

Never miss an insight

Concise and digestible reports for all teams

EDITED’s Retail Reports published by our team of in-house experts provide periodical analysis of key product categories and industry talking points, as well as data-driven direction for online promotions, product drops, visual communications and discounting.

View standout messaging from retailers to help you stay on top of the most important happenings each day.

Filter through ‘Planning & Promotion’ for reporting focused on discounting and promotional strategy.

Key promotional trend and product opportunities in line with the retail and holiday calendars

Reimagining Retail

Solutions for unified commerce

EDITED’s Connected Commerce Cloud provides leading retailers with the solutions they need to optimize their omnichannel strategy and digitalization.