Elevate your assortment planning

Complete market visibility within minutes

EDITED’s suite of planning tools gives your team unrivalled visibility into the market: past, present, and future. High-quality, broad data is condensed into user-friendly tools designed specifically for you.

assortment planning

The perfect mix: assortment planning

Boost profitability and reduce over-buying

Enable dramatic improvement in your assortment by utilizing EDITED’s suite of tools designed to deliver actionable insights regarding assortment, from launch through product lifecycles.

Identify whitespace

Avoid under or over-investing and scope out opportunities early in categories for an optimised assortment.

Mitigate risk

Identify and capitalize on potential risks and opportunities with assortment comparison across the market.

Perfect your assortment

Identify growth within your mix, and adjust your assortment to maximize opportunities down to the SKU level.

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EDITED helps Mango fine tune their product

EDITED’s Market Analytics assortment and options tools support MANGO in understanding what products will work best in a specific region. EDITED helps MANGO identify white space in both local players’ assortments and in other global retailers to uncover expansion opportunities.

Products Used

  • Market Analytics
  • Retail Reports
  • Runway Reports

EDITED data supports Puma in evaluating assortment gaps and optimizing in-season trading

“EDITED’s Connected Commerce Cloud allows you to get your assortments right. You need to act as soon as you see something evolving. The trends that we spot in Market Analytics go into our rapid response packs.”

– Danny Brown, Business Operations Manager at PUMA UK

Products Used

  • Market Analytics
  • Retail Reports
  • Runway Reports

EDITED supports John Lewis & Partners in diversifying their assortment

“If we’re planning on bringing in a new brand, we can instantly see where else that brand is sold, and get a view of whether that brand would be right for our business or not. This has enabled us to make better decisions more quickly.”

– Kevin Isaacs, Strategic Initiatives Manager at John Lewis

Products Used

  • Market Analytics
  • Retail Reports
  • Runway Reports
Market intelligence

Proactive trend analysis for winning assortments

Beat the curve with live trend updates

Market Analytics by EDITED contains a multitude of real-time data, tools and reports so you always know what’s trending, what’s selling, and what’s winning. Daily retail reports will help your team find new trends and react quickly while analytics tools allow you to dig into the products behind those trends to find market opportunities for your brand.

Spot new trends and adapt your assortment quickly.

See the break-down of products behind the trends.

Know how to price and position quickly within your market.

Analyze your competitor’s products, promotions and trends.

Reimagining Retail

Solutions for unified commerce

EDITED’s Connected Commerce Cloud provides leading retailers with the solutions they need to optimize their omnichannel strategy and digitalization.