visual merchandising

Time product launches and promotions perfectly

Analyze when, where, and what your competitors promote

With Visual Merchandising, analyze trends and campaigns advertised across competitor email communication and messaging on retailers’ direct sites. Our archive allows you to view current and historical homepages, category landing pages, and emails.

visual merchandising

Market-wide promotional visibility and strategic intelligence

Track, identify and measure historical and current promotional strategies across the entire market

Perfectly time product launches and promotions ahead of your competitors. Tell the right story and capture the right audience. See all promotional communications from your competitors worldwide and pinpoint key trends.

Product positioning

Understand how competitors position their products across their promotional and marketing activity.

Competitor tracking

Analyze our competitor promotional campaign archives to understand promotional activity of the wider market.

Identify patterns

Understand how holidays, products, seasons, trends and themes are marketed across time and regions.

Keyword searches

Analyze which days had the highest mention of keywords and on what dates retailers started communicating about them.


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