Product insights at the point of decision

Instantly accessible
decision drivers

Overlay over 300 profit, demand, inventory, returns, shipping, traffic, marketing, customer and promotion KPIs directly onto your website or vendor application. Identify relative performance and which products should be resorted or adjusted.


Automatic insight and action discovery

DynamicView programmatically overlays Insight and Action Badges onto each of your products. They alert you to best sellers, rising stars, low cover items, unprofitable products and more. Visualize recommended actions like which products to boost/bury, which would benefit from a price change, or which need to be replenished.

Performance metrics

Easily identify relative metric performance and which products need resorting, price changes or stock changes.

Accessible actions

Leverage advanced, key product metrics overlayed directly on your website’s page to grow profitability.

Measure campaigns

Evaluate the impact of merchandising, marketing, and retailing action’s effect on gross margin by category.

Optimized eCommerce

Optimize page sorts, product performance, and see which are converting well, driving demand, or are under-exposed.


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