Planning a wedding is stressful under the best of circumstances. So, in a world where every Instagram wedding seems fit for a queen, what’s a fashion forward, sustainably conscious bride to do ?



London may be the home base for The Own Studio, but their brides are walking down aisles all over the world. Whether doing fittings locally or offering consultations virtually, their styles are contemporary, impeccably tailored, sophisticated and sustainable – designed to be worn again, not wrapped in plastic and put into storage unhappily ever after. Now, with the Coronavirus first shutting down, then slowly re-opening and recently threatening to affect everyday life again, how can a betrothed manage the most important detail of her big day beyond saying “I do”?

On this episode, Grace Hill talks with best friends and founders Jess Kaye and Rosie Williams, about all things bridal in a pre and post-Covid universe.


The Dynamic Duo

When it comes to telling a successful story, the old adage is “write what you know.” And when Jess Kaye and Rosie Williams assessed the state of wedding wear against their own bridal experiences, they knew there was opportunity to create a wedding label that better reflected today’s modern woman and how she shops for the most important dress she’ll ever buy.

Their designs are produced in London with a short and sustainable supply chain by world class, local seamstresses. It’s a recipe for success as delicious as the best wedding cake.

Bridesmaids Too

The classic bridesmaid’s dress has been traditionally anything but. Off the rack, oddly sized and garish colors are all the norm, offering no chance of upstaging the star on her big day. Jess and Rosie take a different approach. Their non-wedding dresses are also called Evening Wear and are designed, not as something to be worn once and then forever planted at the back of your closet, but a beautiful, wearable and made to order piece – fashioned to be enjoyed again and again. Stylish and sustainable.

Notable Quotable

“As an industry [the bridal market] is quite outdated with how it works, and I think because we came at it as brides ourselves and built the business around our experience…we were really looking at it customer first.”


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