200 years since the introduction of their first sheepskin slipper, Clarks is leading the way to protect the planet and its people for the next 200.



Reducing the environmental footprint from one of the of the world’s most recognized shoe brands may seem like an obvious pun, but it truly describes the mission of Clarks. Since their inception in 1825, they have designed more than 22,000 styles, like the iconic Desert Boot, and are now trying to preserve not only Cyrus and James Clarks legacy, but the planet itself.

On this episode, Grace Hill talks with Lisa Ly, Sustainability Manager at Clarks, whose big shoes are leading the way towards a more sustainable future at the company.


The Future is Now

Many brands focus their energy on producing sustainable products, yet most of the time is spent on what they can do today. While this is important work to be sure, Lisa’s role at Clarks is to not only ensure strides are made in the immediate, but what is needed down the road to create a more hospitable world for everyone.

Sustainability = Planet + People

One look at Clarks websites in the US and UK tells you all you need to know about their commitment to the planet. Sustainability is a topic in the navigation bar. But ask Lisa what the term means for her and the brand? “At it’s core, [Sustainability is] the people and the planet. One can’t work without the other.” This means not only maintaining ethical sourcing of leather and other materials used in their footwear but also guaranteeing safe conditions and basic human rights for those in factories they work with.

Notable Quotable

“People forget that keeping a product for longer, and keeping it in use will always be more sustainable than making shoes with sustainable materials that fall apart…making shoes that you love and keep, and don’t want to throw away is something that’s really key to us.” – Lisa Ly


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