Under Rihanna’s Umbrella



Has there ever been a bigger cultural disrupter than Rihanna? When she burst into the public eye 15 years ago with her hit “Pon De Replay” the charts were dominated by Top 40 mainstays like Mariah Carey and Kelly Clarkson. Since then she’s had 14 number one songs, won 9 Grammy’s and is the wealthiest female artist in the world.

Her biggest influence as a global superstar though may be her lingerie brand, Savage X Fenty, still only four years old but already synonymous with being inclusive to everyone regardless of size, gender or ethnicity.

On this episode, Grace Hill talks to Natalie Guzman, Co-President & CMO of the brand about Rihanna’s hands on approach and the ways the company continues to set the trends that so many others in retail are chasing.

The Focus on Fit

For a brand like Savage X Fenty, all customers are created equal, with the full product assortment available to all bodies, female or male.

“No other brand is leaning into sensuality like we are,” says Natalie.

And it’s this desire to make everyone feel included, whether online or in store has led them to a very digital and data heavy approach to comfort, fit and the overall shopping experience.

Rihanna’s Not the Only VIP

For Savage X Fenty, every customer is a VIP, meant to feel a connection to the label’s superstar founder. Their loyalty program is unique in the intimates space, and it’s the brand’s loyalty in return that keeps customers coming back, drop after drop.

Notable Quotable

“First and foremost, it’s how we’re celebrating every body, it’s how we’re empowering women and speaking to those who have been ignored and previously excluded or exploited.”


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