Our latest Inside Retail podcast focuses on the future of the resale market. In this interview, we spoke with Lizzy de Bruin, Lead of Strategic Inventory at Depop. We discussed the growing importance of strategic inventory management for commercial growth and the exciting developments in the resale space.



As the world of retail evolves, we’re seeing more and more consumers turn to pre-loved fashion and sustainable alternatives. Lizzy shared insights into her team’s role at Depop and how they’re addressing the changing needs of consumers. We discussed the recent surge in popularity of resale platforms, including mass market leaders like SHEIN and Zara, and how they’re making big bets in the pre-loved fashion space.

This interview provides insights into the future of the resale market and opportunities for retailers looking to stay ahead.



Interested in learning more about the exciting developments in the resale market? Or how strategic inventory management can drive commercial growth? Listen to the full interview now.

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