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EDITED, a retail technology platform used by more than 20,000 retail professionals worldwide, launches its first certification program to fuel growth for fashion businesses

The leader in retail analytics joins Fashion Tech Berlin to exclusively launch EDITED Certification program in CEE countries, helping local...
The leader in retail analytics joins Fashion Tech Berlin to exclusively launch EDITED Certification program in CEE countries, helping local retail professionals advance their knowledge using real-world online data.  July 5, 2017 - Berlin, Germany - EDITED, the apparel retail technology company used by the world’s biggest fashion retailers, makes a significant steps towards standardizing retail knowledge through its certification program launched for the first time at Fashion Tech Berlin on July 5 2017. The program, which will be available for the first time to retailers in the CEE region, will provide a strong foundation of advanced retail analytics and real-world problem solving and is aimed at helping professionals quickly and efficiently become experts in EDITED’s analytics software. Most of the world’s 10 biggest apparel retailers are using EDITED daily to drive competitive insights for their businesses. The results retailers have achieved using EDITED have helped them get ahead of challenges fashion business face today, such as changing customer behavior, over-reliance on discounting and the increasing onslaught from Amazon, but actually outperform competitors in their category. Businesses that have used EDITED extensively have grown their revenue by an average of 15.2%, with one of the world’s biggest luxury retailers achieving 31% growth. These figures underline the importance of why EDITED’s data is the foundation of business strategy used by the most successful players. EDITED certification is a mark of distinction within the apparel retail industry. It’s a three-level accreditation designed to help retail professionals gain knowledge and expertise to spot key commercial opportunities and make correct decisions about product, planning and pricing at every level. “Any business that hires an EDITED certified professional can do so with confidence that the person has necessary skills to make strategic business decisions for their business”, says EDITED Co-founder and COO Julia Fowler. “It signals to employers that you’re accredited and fully trained with an industry-standard tool, and understand the role data analytics will play in the future of retail.” The retail industry has recently witnessed multiple changes with big consequences for apparel retailers - efficiency in supply chains and logistics have improved dramatically helping retailers go to market faster on new products, and with a quicker cycle. This has put great pressure on businesses: demanding customers grow accustomed to instantaneous purchasing and expect discounting through the year, which is hurting retail margins. The EDITED Certification program addresses these challenges and gives retailers access to real-time data and equips them with critical skills, which are vital to outperform tough competition. About EDITED Certification program:  The EDITED Certified Retail Professional program offers accreditation in three levels: Associate, Professional and Expert. Applicants who are interested in pursuing the program can register their interest at About EDITED EDITED helps the world’s best retailers drive sales by eliminating guesswork. The Retail Decision Platform uses A.I. to optimize buying and merchandising decisions, ensuring retailers get their product and prices right every time. This is how the world’s most innovative retailers stay ahead of the competition; including PUMA, Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel, Ann Taylor and the Arcadia Group. For more information, visit