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What do you know about Paris Fashion Week?

AI trends are here: our artificial intelligence has combed through the Paris Fashion Week Spring 2018 shows to create our latest quiz.
What do you know about Paris Fashion Week? | EDITED

Paris is done, and after a month of shows, you could be forgiven for not keeping your eye on the game.

Unfortunately for you, our artificial intelligence never misses a beat. And it’s back, to put your fashion week knowledge to the test with this six question quiz.

It’s taken looks from two different collections, and fused them based on what it ‘sees’ to be important aspects of the image. It then recreates a composite image in which it transitions the two looks. That’s where you have to guess which collections the composite images are based off.  

How magic would it be if you could combine the most desirable aspects from a pair, or a few collections, to create a singular aesthetic or outfit? While that may seem like a distant future, these are the exact capabilities of the artificial intelligence we’re building in house.  

Cathy Horyn recently saidIf the fashion industry has anything to be worried about these days it’s the global glut of images that soaks up everyone’s time and attention. Fashion is just one speck in the image storm.

Artificial intelligence can, and will, help the industry cut through this global glut, and detect the areas on which we should focus. Read more about that here.

A revolution in AI is under way, but all you have to do for now is take the quiz!

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Check out the six biggest Paris Fashion Week trends right here. And if you bossed this quiz, why not test your skills on New York, London and Milan? Good luck!

Come and try this AI quiz…if you think you’re fashion enough!