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The more expensive wine becomes, the cheaper activewear gets

The Wine and Spirit Trade Association says thanks to Brexit, wine prices are climbing. Happily, we've found one apparel item does the opposite.
The more expensive wine becomes, the cheaper activewear gets | EDITED

According to The Wine and Spirit Trade Association, wine drinkers in the UK are paying in more ways than one for their hangovers. Wine costs more now than at any point over the last two years.

And they blame Brexit for pushing up the cost of imported products.  

So how does that compare to apparel prices? We tracked what happened to the average price of a less sinful item, leggings, over the same time frame.

Lo and behold, the average price on UK leggings does the inverse of wine.

wine prices
As wine prices climb, leggings prices fall, and vice versa.

That suggests one of two things:

1. When wine is pricey, there’s  no excuse to not be active.
2. If you’re going to stump up the cash for more expensive wine, at least you can afford to retreat to your couch comfortably activewear-clad to glug it.

Bottoms up, so to speak.  

This chart is built using EDITED retail data and WSTA wine data. We’ve normalised the price changes to show how the two differently priced products compare. The average price of a bottle of wine in the UK in Q1 2017 was £5.51 and leggings were £68.86.