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The cult brands to emulate for menswear

What does it take to become a cult brand? We profile some mainstream brands that have successfully achieved a cult following.
The cult brands to emulate for menswear | EDITED

What does it take to become a cult brand? We profile some mainstream brands that have successfully achieved a cult following.

According to Investopedia, a cult brand ‘refers to a product that has a loyal customer base that approaches fanaticism.’ Previously, we analyzed Reformation’s ‘cool girl’ sustainable label, along with the ingredients on how to create a cult beauty brand

Retailers with this status hold a strong brand identity and uniquely relate to their consumers. In this report, we profile five staple brands and the role they play in shaping current menswear trends. 

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The Athlete


The brand continues to stay relevant by highlighting everything they’re good at. Sought after collaborations, premium technology and customization are heavily promoted in recent Instagram content. Sporty influences, such as NBA fashion, are making its way from the court onto the shelves of mass retailers. 

The Traditionalist 


Basics are the bread and butter of Uniqlo’s business and frequently feature on social media. In addition, the brand also pushes the comfort of its products alongside sponsored tennis star, Roger Federer. With a notable decline in formal tailoring, Uniqlo offers staple knitwear and trousers – perfect for any office wardrobe. 

The All-American


Known as the quintessential heritage brand, Levi’s continues to be a mainstay in American culture. The denim market remains at the epicenter when it comes to demands for sustainability, a topic Levi’s often highlights on Instagram. Additionally, pushing classics like the denim shirt and relating to a younger generation through denim updates are also prominent across communication. 

The Trendsetter


Though not classified as a streetwear brand, Zara creates its own buzz with highly anticipated collection drops. The retailer also highlights successful categories like basics, while pushing trend stories such as maroon.

The Skate Enthusiast 


While Vans rose to popularity in the mass market through footwear, its long-sleeved tees and backpacks are thriving across the US and UK. The brand’s foray into apparel is often mentioned along with features of its core consumer, the skateboard enthusiast.

Influences from the food industry

Starbucks produced one of the most recognizable logos of our generation with strong branding that can be spotted from a mile away. Its dependability and consistency have enabled the brand to thrive throughout the years.

Then the Los Angeles-based burger chain In-N-Out has become synonymous with the west coast lifestyle. Because of its regional scarcity, it’s often a popular stop for those visiting the area. 

Perhaps contriving one of the most loyal cult followings of any brand, US grocery chain Trader Joe’s is constantly releasing new products, many with limited availability that generates consumer buzz and excitement.

These brands have achieved their success, thanks to a few key characteristics. They have an affiliation to a lifestyle, a compelling storyline, the ability to create trends and have built a loyal following with their strong connection to consumers.

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