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The art of gifting: trends this year

Holiday gifting: trends we see across the globe. Discover Christmas gifts that are trending across US, UK and Europe. Only got 33 retail shopping days left! (Eeek). Adding to the stress of balancing full price vs sale. How do you clear through the stock?
The art of gifting: trends this year | EDITED

There’s no avoiding it. You’ve accepted the Secret Santa invite. Michael Buble’s voice serenades our ears once again. ‘Tis the season of giving, folks.

And you’ve only got 33 retail shopping days left! (Eeek). Adding to the stress of balancing full price vs sale. How do you clear through the stock?

We’ve trawled through the market and retailers across the US, UK and Europe to compile a special Christmas mega list. It includes this year’s hottest dresses, sparkling accessories and special stocking fillers that’s got everyone’s chocolate coins.

But first, free shipping is on everyone’s wish list. 

A recent Pitney Bowes survey revealed that 91 percent of consumers abandon their online shopping carts when shipping is not free or fast enough. Furthermore, while hopes for “fast and free are becoming more demanding,” 95 percent of respondents “consider two-day free shipping ‘acceptable,’ only 47 percent consider it ‘fast.’” Customers thrive on newness – and it’s where retailers can capture a full price sale.

The longer stuff is in stock, the smaller margins become. Lockdown sales with messaging promoting free delivery.

US market

Shante, you stay. Wrap dresses: the gift that keeps on giving. This season last year there were 538 products categorised as wrap dresses. That number almost doubled this season to 727 products. Half the assortment of wrap dresses this season was patterned and the other half solids. Black was the most popular colour for most retailers, averaging 34% off wrap dress products. Florals weighed in at 45% of the patterned assortment while animal print followed second at 16%. The bulk of products were priced between $48.00 – $80.00 while averaging around the $70.00 mark price point.

Vs the UK

Strong scrunchie game Boosted by 80s/90s nostalgia and their strong presence on the Spring 2019 runway, hair accessories are having a resurgence in retail. With an 88% uplift in arrivals, the scrunchie’s comeback should be worked into retro edits and merchandising stories. • Sequins and glitter are a standout trend in assortments across the board. While these hold Christmas appeal, such embellishment also suits the festival season and should be re-invested in, particularly if you cater to the teen market. • Multi-packs are of note and in stock at a variety of retailers. Promote these as pieces perfect for the gifting season. EDITED Tip: If you have EDITED access, check out the full report here.

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Europe trends

Cosy Hygge vibe From chunky knit to logo sweaters. Knitwear arrival is up, and movement is steady. Black, white and red stood out as a key trend this season across the knitwear category. Products have arrived regularly throughout the year, yet in line with new season knitwear arrivals, September was a top month for product drops. While December was a pivotal month for sellouts last year and is the perfect opportunity to push products within Christmas gift guides. Compared to last year • Fleece and sherpa fleeces proved most popular at trend-led retailers, with less movement for teddy styles. Overhead fleeces flourished over zip-through jackets. • Top Movers indicated a clear preference for an outdoor edge. EDITED Tip: Want to know which knitwear trends are emerging in the menswear market? Take a look at this report here.

The power of self-love

Singles day might be over, but #SelfLove is forever. Crimson Hexagon data found that the self-gifting discussion on social media has significantly increased over the years, from 6.9k total posts in 2010 to 63.4k total posts in 2017. Popular hashtags like #treatyoself, #merrychristmastome and my personal favourite #sorrynotsorry are a few that many shoppers are using. With party outfit stock and promotions in full swing in December, don’t forget about the indoorsy celebrators at home with a glass of champagne. Include shopping edits for consumers staying in or planning more low-key celebrations. EDITED Tip: Gifting has become a bigger business. Our analysts look at how gifting is represented on e-commerce sites and what’s being promoted so far this season. Log in here to read the full report.