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SS13 Trend Report

EDITD reveal the key trends for SS13, including hottest shapes, top prints and the season's most influential designers - as decided by data.
SS13 Trend Report | EDITED
  • SS13 Trend Report | EDITED

You’ve seen each of our city fashion week reports (and if not, they’re right here) and now through the power of our data, we bring you the 10 crucial insights for the new season. Capturing the best of New York, London, Paris and Milan, these top trend tips combine social analysis and commercial statistics. If you want a surefire success for SS13, read on!

1. SS13 Colours
Following on from a punchy AW12/13, is the vibrant new season palette. Easing into the spring season are grey-based lilacs and pinks, khakis and sage greens. High summer sees the zesty yellows, sunny oranges and flame reds. Cooling things off are the prominent aqua and mid-blues. Elsewhere, a monochromatic palette offers the minimalists an alternative, whilst the maximalists can go full pelt for the metallics in sweet wrapper shades.

2. Top Designer
Proving Gucci‘s deep rooting in the global lexicon for fashion is Frida Giannini bringing the eponymous fashion house in at number one for the second season. A luxurious take on 70s which exemplifies the news season palette and redefines the peplum was her tactic, online adoration her reward. See how her AW12/13 collection brought romantic gothicism to the high street this season? The latest collection will prove to be just as influential for consumers and retailers alike.

3. Digital award
Each season we applaud fashions’ innovators and our tech-y thumbs up goes to Topshop Unique this season. They know the value of eyeballs on brand during a fashion show, and went a step further than simply streaming the catwalk; they made theirs customisable. A clever blend of social media and live event, Facebook viewers could pick the colours of selected garments and accessories, share them, and crucially, shop them instantly with delivery promised three months ahead of lead times. It worked, not only was the show the most watched fashion show ever, with 2.5 million viewers, but they topped our list as London’s most talked-about designer.

4. The Season’s Print
If you pick trends solely based on how many designers plump for them, then you’d probably be onto the stripe case following the likes of Marc Jacobs, Y3, Oscar de la Renta, Dolce & Gabbana and Tommy Hilfiger. Thankfully, our methods have consumer sentiment backing them up. This time, consumers concur, SS13 will be ruled by stripes. Be prepared.

5. Commercial Currents
A noticeable current rippling through each of the four fashion capitals was the general commerciality of the collections. The economic pressure on the industry, a broader audience and greater respect for high street design has seen an increased number of statement t-shirts, wearable sweaters and covetable separates flood the catwalks. In other words, pieces with bigger runs which justify the more creative (and potentially less saleable elements) in the range.

6. Stripped back
Pairing perfectly with the commercial vibe was the minimalism that seduced every city across fashion month. Gone was the frippery and fickleness, in it’s place a utilitarian functionality which suits the reality of day to day life. Boxy shirts, colour blocked palettes, graphic print in sparing doses; this is sports luxe’s new chapter.

7. Fanbase growth
As Topshop know, fashion month is a critical time for extending a brand’s social reach. This season, it was Ermanno Scervino who tapped into that opportunity best, raising their online fanbase by 24.25%, an increase of 3,389 new brand advocates. They did that with live streaming of their show, live blogging on Twitter and a sterling Facebook effort; running a competition for newsletter subscribers to attend the show and uploading backstage and fittings photo albums. Good to see Milan excelling where they’ve fallen behind in previous seasons.

8. Retro
Call it a perma-trend if you will, when we gaze back on the current decade it will be shaped by a love of all things retrospective. Season in, season out, retro influence sparks inspiration and vitally, consumer interest. The shorter-lived trends (sports luxe, utility) will set cash registers alight for six months, but safety can be found in the retro – consumer sentiment doesn’t budge.

9. Battle of celebrity designer
Raf Simons vs. Hedi Slimane – the face-off which filled column inches in the build-up and post-match analysis of Paris fashion week. The new Dior and Yves Saint Laurent appointment interest is symptomatic of our times; brand transparency creates super interest in designers, elevating them to celebrity status. The collection reviews were ok-ish, no surprises in either offering, but interestingly the hype machine failed to elevate either brand into the month’s top five most talked about designers.

10. SS13 Key Shapes
So what garments do the stripes, bright oranges and yellows and retro or minimal themes need to be played across? Make it cropped and midriff-bearing and you’ll be on the right track. They sell well, are held in high esteem by consumers online and were backed in their droves by designers. Other winners worth investing in are peplumed tops, square shirts and full skirts.

So there you have our 10 hottest tips for SS13! Like the cut of our jib and want to find out more? Read on.