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Seven of Fall’s Weirdest Trends

Some fall trends are wackier than others. We've rounded up the seven zaniest looks heading to fall retail. Will you dare to wear them?
Seven of Fall’s Weirdest Trends | EDITED

The evenings are beginning to cool off and new season stock is pouring into stores. Before we know it, retail will be in full autumnal mode.  

But there’s things you might not be expecting. While many folks stock up on lightweight knits and new jackets, there’s a bunch of stuff that will take a little more courage.

Meet the wackiest trends set for prime time this fall.  

1. Showing Emoji

There is no data in existence that could have pre-empted a faeces-shaped evening bag. However, sh1t happens and so did The Emoji Movie.  

That, and the fact we use more emojis these days than words, has seen a sudden spike in the number of emoji-themed products arriving on the market. From ASOS’s collaboration with The Emoji Movie, to Alison Lou’s emoji-face earrings, which will set you back $750 for the pair, new arrivals of emoji-featuring products are up 73% for fall so far.  

2. Bonkers Denim Jackets

Now that retailers have reached capacity on bomber jackets, they’ve scrambled to find a replacement. Panic makes people do funny things, and there’s certainly evidence of that in the frankly mental denim jackets that are arriving for fall. Extra long, cold-shouldered, or fur trimmed, there really is a wildcard for everyone.

New arrivals of denim jackets are up 80% so far this month compared to last year. The average price point for women is up by 45% to $248, evidence that designer brands are back on board with this style.

Beyond the more attention-grabbing styles, the key to this trend is pick oversized, unusual color or print. H&M have a cute take on the trend – a bold pop of color, cropped length and a statement sleeve. Watch it sell fast.

3. Statement boots

Last fall saw an influx of metallic, velvet, white and red statement boots. This season, things ramp up a notch. Anything goes, so long as it makes heads turn. Playful, irreverent and gaudy boots are flooding the luxury market right now and the mass market is sure to follow suit.  

Maison Margiela’s cup heel boots are among the wittiest, but it’s Balenciaga’s mirror boots that will sell best. Across all market segments, the boots category has had 10% more arrivals so far this August compared to last.   

4. Shell Suit

Those of us who have memories of being dressed as a family in matching shell suits, may do a double take when we see the latest luxury and trend-forward arrivals. Tracksuits are back, thanks to the whole athleisure mega-trend.  

Topshop are stocking a Reebok shell suit that is the exact same as the one your dad wore in the 80s and ASOS’s Ellesse in forest green has a wider cut that looks pretty comfy for a TV-binge session when the weather gets bad. This works for both genders, and yes the kids too.  

5. Pink Boilersuits

Another curveball is the sudden arrival of millennial pink boilersuits. Is this a shift in society, a utilitarian-meets-feminine statement symbolizing it’s time to roll sleeves up and finally disrupt the patriarchy? Or perhaps it’s just a handy thing to have when you’re all out of fresh undies.

Either way, the pink boilersuit has arrived and you can find them at Matches, Madewell and ASOS.

6. Twinning

If you have a best friend, it’s time to buy her a t-shirt. ‘Twinning’ is a hashtag that’s taken over Instagram lately, whether it be for actual twins (bow down to Rumi and Sir Carter), mother-daughter lookalikes or best friend matchy-matchy.

Retailers have responded with a range of t-shirts, baby bodysuits and keychains designed for dividing between two. And this isn’t just cheap gimmickry – the Edie Parker keychain costs $350. At least you can split the cost.  

For more on how social media is propelling certain trends, take a look at our selfie influence post.

7. Unseasonably Bright

Probably the defining feature of fall trends is designers’ total disregard for seasonal palette norms. Fall 2017 is in high-definition, verging on lurid. Poster paint shades of orange, red, green and blue are thrown together in clashing combination. This is led from the top, with serious luxury support. We look forward to the mass market following suit.  

Clashing colors, bonkers remixes of denim jackets & pink boilersuits. Ready for Fall’s weird trends?