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Optimize your omnichannel strategy with EDITED and BigCommerce

Equip your business with the right retail solutions and connected data to thrive in today's retail climate.
Optimize your omnichannel strategy with EDITED and BigCommerce | EDITED

From store closures and bankruptcy filings, it was no secret how hard the retail industry was hit last year. However, with disruption and chaos comes action-oriented solutions.

As retailers shifted into survival mode, retail solution partners such as EDITED and BigCommerce came together to help retailers preserve cash flow and maximize yield. Together, we combine advanced retail AI and insights with an open SaaS ecomm platform. 

Democratizing retail insight & accelerating merchandising action 

Throughout 2020, we identified an opportunity to help online merchandisers with what they described as “the sorting challenge.” Some brands are still relying on manual sorting for category grid pages, product recommendation and other areas on its sites. To increase efficiency for merchandising teams, they needed to boost key products through automation. However, even clients that had some sorting automation in place found missing metrics vital to their merchandising rules and algorithms. Simple automated decisions like moving best sellers or new arrivals to the top of various pages often did not address pressing business objectives such as driving profit, customer experience, fragmentation or seasonality. Retailers needed an analytics solution that could be easily understood, quickly adopted and directly integrated between its online storefront and its ecommerce platform.

Enter the EDITED Enterprise Intelligence Solution

With EDITED Enterprise Intelligence, BigCommerce clients have over 270 advanced retail KPIs directly overlaid on their ecommerce site. Highly visual (red-amber-green) cues virtually inform a Merchandiser about item performance relative to category, boosting or eliminating poor decisions based on different business objectives. Whether a retailer is adjusting its site category or clearing through seasonal inventory, EDITED Enterprise Intelligence can be easily overlayed to identify the actionable insights needed to optimize profit. 

As a Google Chrome Extension, EDITED Enterprise Intelligence also integrates to the BigCommerce UI, providing Merchandisers with access to product performance metrics and actionable insights.

Within BigCommerce, merchandisers can then update an item’s ‘Sort Order’ value or flag a product as a ‘Featured Item,’ with EDITED Enterprise Intelligence KPIs visible on the screen. Once decisions are made, it immediately appears on the BigCommerce storefront. Together, BigCommerce and EDITED are pursuing higher levels of automation through an integration between more technology innovations.

We are extremely excited to work with BigCommerce and their thriving client base. Check out the EDITED page on BigCommerce’s app marketplace.

If you want to see valuable data that can lead you to better decision making in your retail business, reach out to one of our Retail Specialists today.