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How global apparel professionals capitalize on EDITD’s data [Infographic]

EDITD release their latest infographic, sharing 1.6million data points to draw key insights into the apparel industry. What sold best in 2013 and where are market opportunities?
How global apparel professionals capitalize on EDITD’s data [Infographic] | EDITED
  • EDITD Apparel Infographic 2014

We’ve just released our latest infographic, which visualizes the power of the real-time data that we capture. That data is used as a critical tool for buyers and merchandisers in the apparel retail industry, helping them understand consumer demand and ensuring they have the right product, at the right time and the right price.

The world’s biggest apparel datastore

EDITD runs the world’s biggest apparel data warehouse encompassing real-time data from global retailers and analyzes more than 50M product SKUs (stock keeping units, basically, a product) in retail; tracks more than 4 thousand global retailers’ webpages and provides day-to-day updates about all of their communications and visual outcomes; and provides a searchable database of more than 2,000 blogs and 600 million opinions tracked from industry influencers across social media.

Sweaters were 2013′s most-stocked trend

In this release, our analysts have used that data to expose key insights into the apparel world. Did you know that sweaters were 2013′s most-stocked trend? That lingerie is the luxury market’s most successful category? Or that the mass and premium markets both struggle with their outerwear offering?

What the guys & the gals wore in 2013?

Beyond key trend products, we’ve looked at the most successful womenswear and menswear items of 2013 – the items that were consistently restocked and avoided widespread discounting. In ‘What She Wore’ and ‘What He Wore’, you’ll see the best-selling looks of the year. How many do you own? Retailers are using this sort of data, which is powered by our market analytics platform, to plan their core ranges, and to know which trends to back.

Brands’ communications analyzed

Products are not the only analyzable area of brands’ and retailers’ outputs. In fact, we apply metrics right across the breadth of the industry, and communications is one aspect. With our visual merchandising software, we capture every site update and email communication from over 500 retailers around the world. Retailers use this sort of data to understand how their market is communicating with their consumers and to plan holiday and promotional events. The infographic reveals which retailers send out the most email newsletters, with State-side retailers taking the crown as the world’s chattiest.

Color Science

Data can also help us understand what happens on the runway, and our color software is just one way we analyze catwalks. Every runway image passes through our color recognition software to build seasonal palettes visualizing the exact weighting designers give each color trend across a season. Sometimes the fashion news headlines latch on to the most newsworthy shades, but in reality they weren’t the most-used, nor will they be the largest commercial tones. Instead, our retailers rely on factual information around color.

Click here to download the infographic. Find out more about EDITED software here.