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How Ganni built a cult brand

Find out what made this Danish brand a cult favorite for Scandinavian style.

Fast rising up the fashion ranks, we take a deep dive into how the Danish brand has become a household name in the industry and breakdown the trends from Ganni’s latest collection.

The rise of Scandi Style has placed Ganni front and center of the international stage. Known for its effortless aesthetic without breaking the bank, find out what the five ingredients are behind the success of the Danish brand. 

Brand resumé

It’s one of the top viewed designers at EDITED

Sitting beside big designer names including Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Gucci, Ganni is consistently among the top viewed runway collections within the EDITED market intelligence suite.

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It’s expanding its global presence

Alongside its venture into South Korea, Ganni also planned to open five new retail locations across Europe and the US in 2020, including a second store in London’s Covent Garden.

It’s built a cult following

With 868k Instagram followers, Ganni has fast become a global name and a number of high-profile influencers, including Pernille Teisbaek and Camille Charriere, are leading the army of “Ganni Girls” – the hashtag currently features over 56k posts on Instagram.

It’s a trend setter

The brand’s laid-back yet playful style has proven extremely popular with its customer base and it has consistently been at the forefront of emerging trends. Oversized collars have recently exploded in the mass market after Ganni dropped its Cotton Poplin Shirt in November 2019 and also featured the detail heavily within more recent drops. A number of copy-cat designs have since landed in the market at the likes of Zara, H&M and Topshop.

This is not the first time mass market retailers have taken inspiration from the brand – Ganni’s neon green seersucker dress was labeled “The Dress Of The Summer” by Vogue in 2019 and led to several similar designs.

Ganni World

The recipe for success

1. Responsibility is a top priority

Rather than identifying as a sustainable brand, Ganni’s main message is responsibility and believes it has a moral obligation “to make better choices every day across the business to minimize our social and environmental impact.” With transparency becoming increasingly important to customers, Ganni’s second Instagram account @ganni.lab achieves just that, sharing openly and honestly about the brand’s sustainable achievements and shortcomings.

In 2020, Ganni also launched its rental service GANNI REPEAT and collaborated with Levi’s on an upcycled collection for customers to rent through the initiative.

2. It has an agile business model

In an interview with Drapers, Creative Director Ditte Reffstrup revealed that several reactive strategies were undertaken when the pandemic hit. Collections were downsized by 50%, while its main collection was reworked into smaller, more frequent drops to maximize seasonal relevance.

Ganni also introduced new product categories (sweats and sleepwear), a rental collaboration and worked on improving its digital brand platform. According to CEO Andrea Baldo, these changes resulted in a revenue uplift of over 80% YoY on

3. It’s redefining Scandi style

Interest in the Scandinavian countries has rocketed in recent years as consumers and fashion industry experts look to their lifestyle philosophies and wardrobes for inspiration.

With the Scandi style typically seen as minimalist and laid-back, Ganni certainly taps into this effortless appeal, yet its often playful and statement designs give the brand a distinctive style that is so popular with its loyal followers.

4. It’s affordable yet exclusive

Ganni hits the sweet spot when it comes to pricing. The brand sits comfortably in between high street mecca Zara and fellow Scandi brand, Acne. High enough to be aspirational, yet more affordable than luxury – this bracket is particularly appealing to Millennial consumers. However, the brand has something to offer everyone with the UK entry price sitting at £20 for a hair scrunchie and an exit price of £1,100 for a shearling jacket.

Chart analyzes UK only, looking at the advertised full price of products in stock Jan 12, 2021.

5. It taps into high-low dressing

Think of this as the new smart-casual. One of the most important secrets to Ganni’s success is its clothing’s ability to work day or night, home or occasion. In the wake of COVID, versatility and adaptability have become integral to a product’s success – something that Ganni has been prioritizing since day one. Its founder tests all products at home with her children on bike rides and out dancing.

Clothes can be dressed up or down evidenced through the brand’s iconic styling; chunky boots are worn with sweatpants, wellingtons are paired with mini dresses, sweater vests with jeans, all topped off with a knitted beret. The brand’s assortment also reflects this concept. Blouses, midi dresses and small leather bags are the top stocked products and ankle boots are the most invested footwear style.

The Ganni cheat sheet

Fall 2021

We’ve compiled the key trends from the brand’s most recent collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week. Ganni’s live concert experience brought an alternative and edgier aesthetic than its pre-fall collection. Sweater vests are a standout silhouette, while neon and bright greens dominate the color palette.



  • Relaxed tailoring
  • Sweater vests
  • Skirt co-ords
  • Barrel leg trousers

Prints & patterns

  • Paisley
  • Branded
  • Classic stripes
  • Soft florals

Details, footwear & accessories

  • Sharp collars
  • Large buttons
  • Knitted berets
  • Chunky loafers

Pre-Fall 2021

This collection sees washed out colors and bold prints play an important role in livening up tried-and-true styles, while feminine and kitsch detailing also elevate the range.



  • Sweatsuits
  • Midi dresses
  • Fitted sweater vests
  • Bucket hats & chunky boots

Prints & patterns

  • Dye
  • Tiger stripes
  • Classic stripes
  • Vintage stripes


  • Smocking
  • Oversized collars
  • Open backs
  • Puff sleeves

Contributions by Aoife Byrne and Venetia Fryzer. 

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