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Denim: SS15 trends from Premiere Vision

Back from Denim by Premiere Vision armed with insight on the new techniques & trends for the denim industry. Here we reveal the big denim trends for SS15.
Denim: SS15 trends from Premiere Vision | EDITED
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This week’s Denim by Premiere vision made a big impression for the Spring/Summer 2015 season. Bright colours and coatings were put aside to make way for more exciting textures and laser prints. The theme was a success amongst visors and traders, all of whom seemed on board with the season’s push for a return to blue denim. Here is our run-down of what to expect for SS15.

1. Improved Fit
The endless search for the age old problem of finding jeans that fit has resulted in manufacturers creating “perfect fit denim”. They’ve harnessed the demand of stretch denim, not just in improved ergonomics but rather the importance of shape and body contouring. Tavex’s “Absolute Fit” denim promises maximum elasticity, ultimate body shaping and most importantly a denim that will not lose it’s shape over time and washing. Orta Denim have even gone so far as to create a unique process resulting in their new Trutech denim which ensures perfect fit and guarantees prolonged wearing experience.

2. Etching & Distressing
Engraved, the title of the show this year was echoed throughout, showing clear signs of what to expect for the SS15 season. Playing on the concept of tattooing and marking the body, laser techniques were at the forefront to create geometric and mobile scratchings, incisions, lacerations and even pyrographs burned down to holes. Jeanologia, specialists in garment finishings drew the attention with their 50’s laser tattoo prints as well as creating a vintage folk inspired print where the laser used a combination of techniques to create more texture, allowing the denim to appear embroidered.

3. Eco Advancements
Each year the awareness of eco-friendly production methods increases and more manufacturers are promoting new methods that save water and energy. Jeanologia proudly presented the E-Soft technology, a process that transforms air in the atmosphere into “nano-bubbles” to soften fabrics. The process uses a staggering 98% less water and 79% less energy than traditional methods. Many of their denims are also chemical free and use the dry ozone process rather than multiple washes to fade its denim, thus using significantly less water. Crescent Bahuman denim manufacturers have recently made all their denims more eco efficient using only 5 litres of water during the washing process where other manufacturers use 60.

4. Indigo Shades
The bright bold colours normally associated with the summer season were almost non-existent and instead a return to the true blue denim seemed on the cards for Spring 2015. Highlighted as a key theme in the trend area, blue was clearly back using overdue techniques, multi-tones and in some cases the indigo dye was enough.
Each manufacturer and brand approached the return to blue denim in their own way – Orta denim in particular were inspired by the colours of the ocean and created the aqua weave which focused on a very clean base adding tint colours over the top.