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The EDITED Verdict: is the CBD beauty high wearing off?

If you haven't already invested in CBD, it's now too late. The trend has hit its peak and we explain three reasons why in our new op-ed series...
The EDITED Verdict: is the CBD beauty high wearing off? | EDITED

The relaxed laws surrounding cannabis has allowed a wave of CBD-infused products to flood the market. So much so, it’s no longer a niche item, particularly in the beauty industry.

If you haven’t already invested in CBD, it’s now too late. The trend has hit its peak and we explain three reasons why in our new op-ed series.

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But first, what’s all the buzz about?

CBD (cannabidiol) is the non-psychoactive ingredient derived from the hemp plant and an essential component of medical marijuana. While the buzzword may have only risen to notoriety in recent times, cannabis within beauty is not a new concept. The Body Shop’s best selling range made from fairtrade hempseed oil has been stocked for over ten years. The difference with CBD is it comes from the whole plant, whereas hemp oil is just from seeds.

CBD beauty

With cannabis currently permitted in 11 US states and the global market predicted to reach $272 billion by 2028, beauty businesses have tapped into the wellness properties of the plant. CBD extracts, infusions and oils are now synonymous with anti-aging, soothing stress, calming inflammations and boosting overall skin health. The products created are versatile and marketed towards a broad demographic. From fair trade ingredients to appease environmentally-conscious consumers to wellness supplements and products to soothe aches and pains for the mid and mature customer.

The market is saturated

With so many brands catering to this wellness trend, retailers have heavily backed CBD beauty and skincare to the point of market saturation. The influx of brands operating in this market is vast, making it difficult for new players to emerge. There are currently 17 different brands stocking CBD products on Cult Beauty, the most prominent being Josh Rosebrook and Milk Makeup.

This year has seen many new entrants into the market, interestingly from apparel retailers wanting to capitalize on CBD beauty. On the 1st of October, American Eagle Outfitters introduced Mood, an affordable  CBD wellness line. The range consists of 45 genderless personal care items marketed to help combat stress in young adults.

The brand {American Eagle Outfitters} recognizes the CBD trend has hit mainstream beauty and won’t be a permanent ingredient with the global brand president even stating CBD will eventually be phased out of the collection.

In June, UK retailer Pretty Little Thing started stocking Lime Crime Lip Blaze – a cannabis-infused liquid lipstick as well as NYX hemp products. Expect to see other fast fashion brands to follow suit.

CBD beauty

There’s a lull in communications

CBD was tipped to be beauty’s next big thing, and it’s undoubtedly been heavily promoted. Despite the sheer increase of CBD products in the market, retailer’s communications around the trend have fizzled out, particularly over the past three months.

Compared to three months prior, mentions of CBD on homepages and in emails saw a decline of 63% decline in the US and 75% in the UK.

CBD beauty

It’s gone mass

Back in April, Kim Kardashian hosted a CBD-themed baby shower for her fourth child, helping propel the trend into the mass market. Nowadays, CBD oils, makeup and skincare are commonplace at mass brands and drugstores.

Retailers such as Holland and Barrett in the UK have even created their own-label products to compete with already-established players. While this makes CBD more accessible to purchase, it creates competition in pricing

The EDITED verdict

CBD has been a defining beauty trend within the past year; however, it’s currently at its peak. The time to invest in CBD beauty was yesterday. Retailers making their foray into this space over the coming year, proceed with caution, it’s a competitive market. Do your research and ensure you have a differentiated product offer covering all elements of clean and natural beauty.

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The EDITED Verdict: is the CBD beauty high wearing off? | EDITED

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