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Bread & Butter: Day 3 Be teleported there

EDITD team up with Teleportd to bring you imagery from day 3 of the Berlin tradeshow, Bread & Butter. In real-time, see what is exciting visitors at the event
Bread & Butter: Day 3 Be teleported there | EDITED

It’s the final day for us in Berlin at Bread & Butter tradeshow, where we’ve been compiling our Top Brands. Each day of the tradeshow we have teamed up with Teleportd, who are revolutionising the way smartphone images are used to cover world events. With Teleportd’s cool app we’re capturing all BBB hash-tagged and geo-located images, so you needn’t feel you’re missing out.

The major trends that we’ve detected on the ground have been reflected in the imagery that people are tweeting from the show. Our top two picks are neon palettes and camouflage prints. And it’s not just the products on display at Bread & Butter which back up those trends, our data does too!

Sentiment and buzz about neon died down slightly over the winter, but online mentions started climbing again mid-March and reached a new high in May. In the last month alone, we’ve tracked 30,626 mentions of neon from influential bloggers and tweeters globally and in the same period 571 new neon products dropped at online retailers we monitor with our commercial database. Sentiment towards the trend is riding high, with 48% of mentions being positive. A very current trend which looks to be sticking around.

Camouflage has been a slower build – there have been few significant peaks in volume of online mentions over the past 12 months and only slight increases around fashion weeks  (large spikes in interest around fashion weeks would be a good indicator of a highly commercial trend). However, number of mentions has maintained a steady growth over the past year and despite sentiment being lower, camouflage saw more online mentions in the last month than neon – a total of 40,094. Whilst camouflage appears to be selling well at B&B – exhibitors Criminal Damage tweeted from the show that their ‘new camo technical jackets are going down a storm‘ – the market isn’t yet heavily saturated with the trend, only 111 new products arrived online last month. This is one to watch!

We’ll be brining you our Top Brands next week, in the meantime keep checking back to see our Teleportd images updating in real-time!