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Bread & Butter: Day 2 From the front line

EDITD team up with Teleportd to bring you imagery from day 2 of the Berlin tradeshow, Bread & Butter. In real-time, see what is exciting visitors at the event
Bread & Butter: Day 2 From the front line | EDITED


We’re still in Berlin for Bread & Butter, sweeping through the world’s largest streetwear and denim tradeshow selecting our Top Brands and keeping an eye on the developing trends. We love Bread & Butter because there’s a fantastic buzz to the event, but we don’t want you to miss out if you can’t be there, so we’ve teamed up with image-lovers, Teleportd, to bring you all of the smartphone pictures captured by attendees at the event. Updating in real-time and using clever geo-tagging and hashtag-capturing technology, its the closest to teleportation the technology world has come up with so far!

In our opinion, there’s some fantastic brands exhibiting, but let’s measure what the masses think and see which brands have seen the biggest online fanbase increase in the last month!

1. Converse have seen a gigantic 42.14% rise in their online fanbase in the last 30 days. That’s a remarkable 592,038 new followers, with their Facebook page gaining the biggest increase. Hats (and sneakers) off to you guys!

2. Showing in the Fashion Now area, Birkenstock win second place for their 32.27% increase. Though that only boils down to just over 4,000 new followers, the impressive growth suggests they’ve stepped their game up!

3. Havaianas always brighten up the Fashion Now area at BBB, but it seems they’re lively online too! In the last month their fanbase has increased by 26.29%, attracting 112,112 new followers.

4. Vans seem to still be enjoying their hipster status, having seen a 23.18% in the last month. That’s a noteworthy 339,362 new followers. Hot on Converse’s heels (or hi-tops)!

5. The only brand not renowned for footwear that’s made it into our top five fanbase increases is Brooks Brothers who show in the L.O.C.K. arena. Despite 194 years in business, the American casualwear retailers adapted to digital excellently, seeing a 15.10% increase in fanbase this month – 18,869 new followers.

So best foot forward! Judging by the brands in our top fanbase increases, buyers at BBB should be stocking up on their footwear!