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The transformation of activewear for 2019

We’ve looked at how the activewear market has changed over the years, and what the trends are for 2019. From monochrome palettes to high rise leggings, we've got data for the lot!
The transformation of activewear for 2019 | EDITED

January presents the perfect opportunity for retailers to push activewear and athleisure inspired garments to fulfill customers hunger to get in shape at the start of the year.

More consumers are exercising and prioritizing their health, which is fueling the activewear market for on-trend performance items.

As retailers evolve activewear to the next level, we reveal that it doesn’t always involve gym fitness, but rather mindful practices.

Activewear grabs a healthy slice of zen

Fitness is no longer only about lifting the heaviest weight in the gym or reaching your fastest time. With many of us checking in and making time for self-care with activities such as yoga, our attitude to health and fitness now has a focus on the process over product.

Looking at how the activewear market has changed over the last three years, we’ve analyzed how traditional sports brands have grown their assortment.

Activewear trends 2019

The number of yoga products in stock in 2018 has increased by 35.8% compared to 2016.

In 2018, new in 'yoga leggings' skyrocketed by 87% compared to 2017. What was once a simple stretchy legging, it seems, has become a wardrobe phenomenon. Not too surprising, when you realize that about $48 billion is being spent on activewear in the U.S. every year, proving that retailers are syncing up with our wellbeing needs.


How’s pricing looking?

Activewear trends 2019

Pricing in the traditional sports market, despite some fluctuations, has generally maintained a consistent level. Leggings price point moved the most having decreased by $20 from Q1 ‘16.

Non-traditional sports retailers are getting in on the game and launching their own activewear collections at a more accessible price point for consumers.

Traditional activewear retailers are having to compete to maintain their valuable relationship with customers. So now’s the time where retailers need to harness the power of data. And better still, understand when to buy-in or buy-out of trends. Loyalty programs for athleisure can provide essential information about the customer’s daily life, favorite garments or offline activity. It also enables you to continue engaging them after the first transaction.

What’s in right now?

In the US, grey and whites are the most favored color for new activewear products, holding almost 23% of the colour palette. High rise leggings are the most popular style for replenishments - not surprising seeing they are a flattering design that suits all body types.

The trend continues in the UK, with monochrome colours making up 56.8% of the color palette. Looking at pattern trends we can see that graphics and stripes dominate the UK and the US. Making up 50% of patterns across the product assortment.


In the past few months, we’ve seen new celebrities partnering up with activewear brands.

Former Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland is the latest celebrity to co-design a collection for Kate Hudson's activewear brand, Fabletics. It launched on 1st January, in time for those New Year resolutions.

And rapper Cardi B signed a deal with Reebok. The artist is planned to promote silhouettes from Reebok’s nineties apparel, which is a throwback to the strong nostalgia trend we’ve seen in the past year.

Lastly, Nike paired up with LA-based designer Eli Russel Linnetz for a capsule collection titled ERL. Inspired by 90’s Pixar films featuring graphics by artist Jordan Wolfson, the lineup consists of pastel and neon colored essentials.

This year, we expect more nostalgic references, a loosening of silhouette on workout layers and fully relaxed aesthetics.

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The transformation of activewear for 2019 | EDITED

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