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A World First: Visual Merchandising Trends

Time to reveal the biggest visual merchandising trends. Using EDITED's industry-changing new software gain insight on the best homepages and retail emails.
A World First: Visual Merchandising Trends | EDITED

Are you ready to find out how many times retailers mentioned Drake in newsletters last year? Or, to discover  which month was the most sexed-up?

Perhaps something more useful,  like  insight into popularity of retro trends? Our Visual Merchandising in 2015 infographic has landed.

Thanks to some help from  our  latest software update, this week we’ve gone back to  2015 and uncovered  the  key themes in last year’s retail  content, covering more than 26,000  email newsletters and homepage updates  from nearly 1,400 retailers around the globe.  So here it is! The world’s first ever end-of-year visual merchandising recap, backed by real market data.


And that’s the tip of the iceberg. We’ve been tracking this stuff for over five years, feeding it into the world’s biggest apparel retail database.  Recently we’ve opened up the magic.  We’ve transformed the tool from a library to a fully customisable dashboard with smart filters. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

Visual Merchandising is a great way to understand the changing climate of retail and with EDITED you can dig a layer deeper, merging commercial data from our Market Analytics software, to see how VM trends are affecting performance. Take Oasis, who underwent a mini rebrand in 2015. It reduced the word count of its email newsletters, made imagery clearer and fonts bolder. That extended over to the homepage too. Next step, you could investigate whether that resulted in better sell-through. (Spoiler: yes.)

And if you’re venturing into new markets, Visual Merchandising is a critical tool. You’ll need to  understand how holidays are marketed, as well as see what  local competitors are doing, and when. You’ll also want to see how retailers alter their communications and tone across markets. Are your competitors creating specific content for different European markets  while you’re sending one newsletter to all  of Europe?

Want to see how our  new  Visual Merchandising tool will  help you? Click here  for a demo.