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A guide to Valentine’s Day product trends

Less than one month away, find out what Valentine’s Day present ideas are trending across retailers.
A guide to Valentine’s Day product trends | EDITED

As the holiday season comes to an end, attention is now turning to Valentine’s Day as the next promotional event to capitalize on. Based on recent arrivals in the US and UK market, we highlight the early product trends inspired by the day of love. 

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Graphic socks

A staple product in gifting, a range of retailers are stocking Valentine’s themed novelty and classic socks. Key stories include puns, heart motifs, slogans and licensing. 


These are typically paired with food or animal imagery. Capitalizing on the current hype surrounding Star Wars, Kohl’s is stocking a variety of men’s Valentine’s products featuring the license.

Red lace lingerie

Representing one of the biggest selling opportunities in the retail calendar for the underwear market, red lace lingerie is proving a dominant trend in new arrivals across a range of bra and brief silhouettes.

Minnie mouse apparel

Disney’s Minnie Mouse is proving a popular license in the women’s and girls’ market and is most dominant across tops and sleepwear. A majority of products feature the character paired with a love slogan. 

Heart-shaped hair clips

Hair accessories were a leading sub-category in accessory assortments last year and continue to see re-investment as 90s and 00s nostalgia prevails. Heart-shaped metal barrettes with a clean aesthetic are arriving for women, and glitter designs for a younger market.

Creature feature 

Animal graphics – namely sloths, dinosaurs, llamas and dogs – are a key trend applied to tops for children and socks for adults. Most are paired with a love-inspired humorous slogan. 

Bags of love

Not just a novelty item, heart-designed bags are in stock at the likes of H&M, while Simply Be is retailing a clutch with a heart clasp. Consider pushing any red bags you stock for the event. 

Love slogans

These are noted in two forms. Several retailers targeting the women’s and children’s market are stocking apparel and accessories with love displayed in a bold font. While an italic script is also seen applied to T-shirts and sweaters, with UK value retailer Matalan particularly invested.

Anti-Valentine’s socks

Predominantly in the men’s market, socks bearing phrases related to anti-love have dropped at mass market retailers.

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